Fabric Tragic Vs Trousers Round 3 - Floral Colette Clover

In which I reveal my crazy but supremely awesome floral pants.....

Wait for it.....

Ta dah!
So I'm up to version three of these bad boys - version 1 here, version 2 here! To briefly recap version one were a little too tight, even with seams let out, with front crotch mumble pant issues. Version 2 were way too big - and this is the crucial thing with this pattern I think - the degree of stretch in your fabric of choice makes an enormous contribution to the fit. I think my fabric in version 1 only had a tiny amount of stretch which lead me down the garden path for future versions.  Version 2 had way too much stretch and version 3? Still too big! But I was prepared to take them in, and take them in I did! Each side seam I took in a whopping 7/8 inch (which actually meant a total of .... 2 x 7/8....uh..... 1 and 6/8th inch??) and I honestly think over my hips I could take in some more. But they are done, and the fabulous fabulous floral digital print hides a multitude of fitting sins!

So the nitty gritty - the fabric was a gorgeous stretch cotton sateen from Darn Cheap Fabrics in Heidelberg - $12.95/m I think. From 2 metres I have quite a bit left over - might be able to squeeze out a pair of Iris shorts from the left overs. It is a crazy mix of yellow, purple, burgundy, green, some blue - very much what I would normally never buy and for sure, never a pair of RTW pants (I only just bought my first pair of coloured pants last year - salmon pink cords, and printed jeans this year so this is a massive change in style for me!). The fabric was lovely to sew with. Hopefully it washes and wears well.

I tried hard to not have too much of the lighter yellow flowers right on the chubbiest part of my thighs and bum - and was reasonably successful!

So my final changes/alterations:
- I cut a frankenpattern of size 8 and 10 - size 8 in the inseam, and crotch length, but extended the crotch depth to the depth of a 10 (see Version 2 for pattern changes), and size 10 waistband and side seams. For those that care I am about an AUS 10 in the waist and 12 hips/bum depending on brand.
- I ended up removing a total of 7/8th inch from each side seam plus the side seam of the waistband as mentioned above.
- I added about 2 inches of length by slashing mid calf PLUS cut out the size 12 length - and it was only JUST ok - I did the hems with bias binding, so basically a 1/8th inch seam allowance which was a bit disappointing - I really wanted to do a little split in the side seams following this tutorial - I did it on my Burda pants wearable muslin, and its awesomely chic.
- using the technique described on Coletterie I finished the lower edge of the waistband with bias binding rather than turning it under the seam allowances. It looks great and very profesh. To do this I trimmed 4/8 inch off the bottom of the waistband, attached some bias with a 1/8 seam allowance, pressed it under to the wrong side and then stitched in the ditch from the right side of the waistband. It caught most of it. Eh. Next time I need to use wider bias. I think it was 1/2 inch..... I actually remembered to add in a label too this time. Always handy to remember which is the front and which is the back....

Fit wise I am very pleased with them - they are comfy, not too tight and no mumble pant action. The floral hides a lot though I think! They do dip down a little in my centre back - not enough to show crack or anything, but I wonder what that means - I know I need to do a sway back alteration quite often on tops, so maybe its due to that - I do have massive lower back/arse curvature as seen on my paper tape dress form stunt double. I still haven't trimmed the crotch seam - I thought I might wait until I have worn them for a few hours and see if it needs to be taken in at all. I've pinked all the other seams because its quick and easy, and I will wash these on a delicate cycle - I'm sure the seams will hold up just fine. 

Bum view for education purposes....
 I really love how these have turned out - they are very fun. I'm wearing little boots for these photos but they look equally good with sandals and thongs (in the comfort of my heated bedroom) but I did brave the freaking freezing cold to model in a singlet too:

So. damn. cold. Stupid blog photos. 

These are totally going in the bag to New York. Did I mention I was going to New York - only 3 weeks, 6 days to go (uh which means 3 week and 4 days til wedding!).

I'm giving myself a little Clover break for now - the next version I want to make will be black - I'm looking for a nice fine stretch pinwale cord or velveteen, but that will have to wait till after NY. From now on its trousseau sewing all the way - I have my first Banksia currently under construction....


  1. Your trousers are fab! That's a good point about the amount of stretch in the fabric. And it's always better to make them too big, because they can always be taken in!

  2. These look AMAZING! Well done you :)

    1. Thanks Danielle. I'm looking forward to wearing them!

  3. Oooh love the fabric - have such a penchant for florals, and have been toying with the idea of some floral clovers! Think you have sold me on them!

    1. Thanks! I think these fall in the man-repeller category; ladies love them, men think they're a little crazy! Just wait til you see my WIP floral Charlotte skirt - it's beyond gorgeous!


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