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Many words and photos about the Palisade Pants

Pants pants pants. Are you ever easy? I’m still firmly in the realm of secondhand stretch RTW jeans and me-made elastic waist pants (which will hopefully change soon). I’ve still got at least 5kg of baby weight I’d like to shift, and until recently I’ve not had the mindset to tackle a fitted pair of pants. So elastic waist pants are it for the time being.
I made a pair of Arenite pants last year, and blundered my way through adapting the side panels to make the pockets less gapey (the designer has since posted a tutorial in her Instagram feed on how to do this) but was never really happy with how they sat on my body or how to style them. Which is a shame as I used a truly beautiful linen to make them. Silly silly silly.
But when Papercut Patterns releases their Geo collection I was intrigued by their Palisade pants. I’ve always liked the Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Pants (which I was trying to emulate with my Arenites) and felt that the bones of the Palisades could give me something simil…

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