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Finished! Denim wide leg pants plus Pin Up Sweater - a most fun outfit.

Are you on the Sew Liberated mailing list? She’s got some wise thoughts, has Meg. Recently she send out some such thoughts on pants, body image and weight fluctuation and one of her pearls of wisdom was that one should have a great, comfortable, well fitting pair of pants in your current size, one size up, and one size down. I’ve spent the last 12 months waiting for the rest of my baby weight to shift, and it’s been slow going. A combination of broken sleep, illness, general mama exhaustion and a reluctance to significantly cut calories in case it affects my (dwindling) milk supply has been my excuse/reason (depending on my state of mind). Recently I came to the conclusion that I (a) didn’t want to buy any more RTW pants, (b) I didn’t want to make anymore elastic waist pants for a while. I decided some wide leg pants would be easier to fit than fitted leg and pondered the options out there. The Persephones look fun for sure, but I don’t like the gaping / pulling that I see across many…

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