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Dawn jeans plus equinox plus my top 5 (or 6 fave tee patterns).

So I made these so long ago I’m struggling to remember details… September last year to be exact in our Lockdown Holiday 1.0 where we spent our holiday budget and annual leave on renovating our garden. Our child was thrilled. He cavorted barefoot in enormous piles of dirt for 2 weeks, his happiness progressing to the levels of ecstasy only a 2.5 year old can reach when my husband hired a little stand-on digger to move said dirt. I digress. My point being I had approximately 3-4 potential sewing hours a day for a full 2 weeks and I gotta say I liked it. It gave me the headspace to get stuck into a decent project and Dawn Jeans it was. Being a pattern for non stretch denim I toiled the 14 in calico. They were too tight. So I cut the 14 in the waistband and 16 everywhere else but ended up taking the side seams in a little in the denim. Obviously I now realise denim gives a lot more than calico. So future versions I’ll likely make the 12 waist and 14 everywhere else as the waistband has al

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