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Finished - Roberts Dungarees - it's love!

Hello lovely sewing friends. I'm currently on a staycation, spending 2 lovely and very low-key weeks at home with my big and little loves. Normally we'd have taken a family holiday to warmer climates, and I would have sewn myself a resort collection, however Melbourne is of course still in Stage 4 Lockdown, meaning we cannot travel more than 5km from our home unless for essential services. We are ok with this. Both my husband and I have essential service occupations and we have been extraordinarily busy the last 6 months. We are very fortunate to still be able to work but goodness me we are tired. 2 weeks at home is fine by us. And a staycation of course means I am also holidaying with my stash and sewing machine and I have some big ticket items sewn up and ready to share with you over the next few posts. First up is my first pair of dungarees/overalls worn since childhood (I am not counting the ill fitting boilersuit/coveralls I had to wear in university for large animal prac…

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