Basic Instinct x Evie

I'll admit that when the Tessuti Evie was first released I was't very impressed. Meh I thought, a pattern for little sylph-like millenials. Then I started to see some gorgeous versions, on ladies with many and varied body types, and I started to wonder what it would look like on me. I decided, as a Gift To Self, that I would shout myself the pattern at the end of my diet (I did the 12 week CSIRO Total Well Being Diet and highly recommend it). This coincided with the Sew Melbourne Garden Party in March, and thus the plan was hatched.

It seemed all the cool ladies had animal print bias cut skirts, and in my stash was a couple of metres of inexpensive animal print-esque rayon from Spotlight. It's definitely better quality than other Spotty rayons I have purchased - heavy and substantial. I wasn't attached enough to be heartbroken if the skirt didn't turn out well, but I liked it enough to wear it if it did. 

I believe I cut a size 10, which matched my measurements perfectly. I went with the elastic waisted view, for flexibility (which FYI has no bulk at all, as the finished waist measurement has no ease). I don't believe I've made a bias cut garment before. As instructed I cut it flat, once piece at a time. The front and the back are the same pattern piece, which doesn't work fabulously for my sway back. But it's no big deal. 

I was amazed, despite my careful cutting, how much one piece grew. I suspect it was because it hung slightly over my kitchen bench. I let it hang overnight before hemming, evening it up and it was no problem. This was a very quick and satisfying project - it would be a great gift if you knew your recipients hip and waist measurements as it's so quick and gives a lovely finished garment. Even the hemming was easy - I didn't even measure or pin beyond the first few centimetres - the instructions for a lovely narrow hem plus dealing with the best way to sew with the fabric on the bias were excellent. I made no changes but if I was to make this again I would cut the back with a sway back adjustment, rather than symmetrical front and back pieces. 

So for all it's deceptive simplicity I think this pattern is a winner. I feel younger, fresher and more fun wearing this. Silly isn't it? But that's what great fashion can do for us. It skims over curves and has beautiful movement. It makes me happy wearing it. As it turns out I didn't end up going to the garden party, as it was on the cusp of COVID lockdown, and it just wasn't to be for me. 

I needed a relaxed tee, for the ubiquitous knotted tee look one seems to wear with a bias cut skirt, and this was the perfect opportunity to try out the lovely Sasha's Basic Instinct Tee. I can't remember the size as I cut the pattern out ages ago, but I did size down from my measurements at the time. I did my standard forward shoulder adjustment. 

The fabric is a fine stripe cotton knit from Drapers Fabrics. As such it photographs crazily, but believe me up close is quite lovely. I can see from these pics that I definitely need an FBA, however these were taken just before I weaned my small guy, and I was still wearing an ancient giant padded maternity bra, so I'll be interested to try it on again with my post-weaning chest and regular bra that doesn't sag to my ankles!

As expected Sasha has given us a wonderful and free pattern. She's a good egg that lady. 

So TLDR version - I love this outfit. I'm gutted we had such a bloody cold May and I couldn't wear it more. Maybe once we can start going out and about more I'll try it with boots and a nice jumper and thermals!