Finished - Free Range Pardy Pants

In our house animal print is known as Pard, and animal print pants Pardy Pants. It's possible (actually definitely true) that my boy and I have matching Pardy Pants, but sadly he's just about outgrown his. I'm toying with the idea of chopping them off and making them Pardy Shorts for summer.... But I digress.

Late last year, when more than one person could be in a room, I saw a very stylish young lady (I'm guessing she was 9 or 10) accompanying her mum to a group pilates class I was attending. She had some very cute animal print dungarees/overalls on and a grey slouchy jumper and I instantly wished I had looked that good at 9. 

I knew I wasn't up for the full pardy dungaree look but definitely coveted the pants, and managed to find almost the exact animal print in a cotton/linen blend from Spotlight. I do very much love my tweaked versions of the Palisade Pants (including a non-blogged shorts version) but the tapered view of the Sewhouse 7 Free Range Slacks was growing on me and I gave in during a sale.  

My measurements put me in the size 12 (and as an aside this pattern comes in an extended size range) but after some stringent stalking on Instagram and finished garment measurement analysis I sized down to the 10, using the size 12 back crotch length as a lazy girl's full seat adjustment. I did not toile, figuring that worst case scenario I'd have some Pardy PJ Pants. I'm very happy with the sizing, but in my next version I will add another 15mm more to the back crotch curve, as I find when I squat down the CB does come down a little. 

It's a good pattern with instructions on finishing the innards with either flat fell or french seams. I wasn't going to put in that effort on a wearable toile, just overlocking in matching thread and top stitching. There is no separate waistband, but instead a curved waistband facing that is top stitched down and threaded with elastic. They have quite a high rise, coming just above my belly button and sitting on my true waist, which I like. The pockets are generous and the lack of side seam gives that great slightly curved leg shape. 

A fairly quick and easy pattern, and one that is well worth adding to the collection, if you're looking for an elevated elastic waist pattern design. 

Also seen in the pics is one of my many many LB Pullover iterations. Between my mum and I we've made at least 10 versions and I cannot name another pattern that works for every season, at least in my climate. This is a lovely lightweight self striped linen from The Drapery. It has a bound neckline and I used a single stripe width to make basic sleeve cuffs. 

I loved wearing this outfit in Autumn (which is when I took these photos) and have already brought it out again in our recent beautiful spring weather. I've got some beautiful black herringbone linen put aside for another pair of elastic waist pants...... the Free Range Slacks are definite contenders. What's your fave elastic waist pant pattern?


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