Me Made May - Days 29 - 31

My last Me Made May post is a bit Me Made Meh. My last three days were work days, so nothing too exciting to see:

Day29 - Self made grey Renfrew (unblogged) with metalicus singlet, probably black Jag jeans, stripy Bonds armwarmers and brogues (unseen).

Day 30 - Self made striped dolman sleeve Burdastyle top, black random singlet, green Witchery cords, brogues unseen.

Day 31 - Yay! Self made black unblogged Burdastyle dolman sleeve top, self made self-rubbed stripy tank worn as singlet, green Witchery cords, brogues. 

Yay! Its over! I'm pretty relieved. I'm bored by my outfit repeats and my shitty photos so goodness knows what you all think!  But I am pleased - my initial challenge was to wear something self made or refashioned 50% of work days and 100% of non-work days and I succeeded in wearing something self made every single day of May! Considering I worked 23 out of 31 days I was pretty happy with that! Clearly at the moment 3/4 knit tops are my winning self made item (most specifically the Renfrew top), and with Melbourne being a fairly crispy location in May the opportunity for short sleeves was very limited. I only managed one refashioned item and that is pure laziness - who wants to refashion when more exciting things like trousers are waiting to be made and tested? I was really hoping to have a pair of Clovers to dazzle the last few days of the month but it was not to be - I'm so close to finishing a wearable muslin..... I had them on last week and took them off - the length just wasn't right! They are on tomorrows to-do list......