Fab Find! The Purl Bee Lattice Top

I'm such a remedial knitter at the moment - I'm slow, I have shitty technique and I hold my yarn and needles in a weird way. The end product is ok, but I really need to branch out from scarves, scarves and more scarves (to be fair my current WIP is a pair of arm warmers). I've not been patient enough to attempt a jumper for myself yet (the idea of the tension square kills me as that alone would take me a week!) but a few weeks ago the Purl Bee posted a fab summer knit that I yearned to be able to make - in fact it was the inspiration for starting my Fab Find posts.

All images from the Purl Bee

It's the perfect combination - slouchy, a little bit flashdance, easy to fit, and seemingly easy to make. There are zillion of versions of it on Ravelry in lots of different colours and it looks great on. The pattern and yarn details are on the Purl Bee website here - the pattern is free, and the version shown is made from wool, but I think it'd be great in a cotton or linen yarn for summer. I was thinking 2 different shades of blue, like cornflower blue and navy, or even coral and navy.....

Now I've got a long haul flight coming up, and from what I can see knitting is all agogo again as inflight entertainment (I did read one hilarious story on a random forum where a guy ordered kebabs on his flight, took an emery board and a pencil sharpener, made knitting needles out of his kebab sticks and knitted socks from who-knows-where to Sweden - totally awesome) so I am taking this opportunity to start jumper knitting. Not this lattice cap sleeve sweater just yet though - I thought I'd stick to a very basic pattern, then once my jumper mojo is smoking hot I can try the lattice pattern. My pattern of choice is the Debbie Bliss Angel Contrast Edge Sweater and I'm proud to say I'm about 10 rows into my tension swatch as I type!

I've decided to leave the rolled contrast edges off and just do normal 2 x 2 ribbing to keep it simple. It's very basic stocking stitch, with a bit of waist shaping - hopefully I can manage it! Maybe I will even finish it before winter!

Purl Bee Soho is definitely on my visit list when I hit NY. I love their blog - they have a wonderful addiction to neon pink and make the most simple yet stylish things -  I can't wait to stroke every fabric and yarn in their shop! 3 weeks and we will be there!