Fly avoidance. Or Finished! Another pair of Maritime shorts

I've got a new favourite neutral. I don't know what those Pantone folk would call it, but the Spotlight folk call it Henna. I'm in love with this weird terracotta-browny-pinky-rusty colour in various tones. Recently seen in button form on my chambray button-through skirt, and now in linen form. I can assure you it pairs marvellously with stripes (let's be honest here - to fit into my wardrobe it's compulsory!). 

This is my second version of the Grainline Maritime shorts. To be honest I'd earmarked this fabric for another pair of Salme shorts, but after seeing this super cute pair of Maritimes on the Butcher Shop blog I was smitten and blown away by the simple solution to my clear inability to complete a flawless fly zipper insertion - move that bad boy to the side and kick that fly to the kerb (insert trumpet fanfare here)! 

A very simple change - cut the front waistband on the fold using the piece with the centre front marked as the fold line, and insert an invisible zip in the side seam. I also scooped a little more out of the crotch curve using no proven method whatsoever. It's still not perfect but better than version 1. I used this tutorial by Tessuti for attaching the waistband facing to the zip and am quite delighted with the results. So stinking tidy! And other than adding an extra 5cm to the length that, my friends, is that. 

Patch pockets were applied as per pattern, and I used this great little trick to ensure the pockets were both identical in size and very easy to topstitch down.

They've been getting a lot of wear and thus far the Spotlight linen is holding up quite well. 

I know that I must should ok must perfect my fly technique but I'm pretty happy with this little change. And you realise that unless something drastic has happened such an alteration prevents on one ever leaving ones fly open! UNDENIABLE FACT, JUDGERS! 

Gotta mention the singlet. This is the Measure Twice Cut Once Baseball Singlet. I thought I'd give it a whirl as the method for finishing the edges is a nice simple turn and top stitch - no annoying bands to stretch and apply. This is my first version in cotton knit from Spotlight printed with some stinking cute whales with little mustard fish in their bellies. I wasn't a fan of the curved hemline, so this is a tuck in version, and I needed to trim about an inch off the top of each strap to prevent strap gaposis/sagosis - not sure if this would have been less of an issue in a knit with some lycra and 4-way stretch. Subsequent versions have slightly narrowed straps too. 

The front and back pieces are very similar with only slight differences in scoop depth. I took extreme care to ensure there was no whale-boobage placement happening, but hilariously I put this on backwards and there you have it. Humpback bewbs. I'm so mature.

Photos by Anna in a random East Hawthorn lane location.....