Wardrobe Architect - silhouettes, colour and getting hooked on Polyvore

Thanks so much for the feedback on my last post. I did wonder whether it was going to be a bit of a droning boring post, so I'm pleased some of you enjoyed it!

I'll freely admit it was the lovely collages on this Wardrobe Architect post that drew me into playing with Polyvore while I was on holiday. It was just so much fun, visualising the shapes and silhouettes that I love to make and wear, or should be wearing! So pretty and so easy! And great fun to do some fantasy shoe shopping.... I went a bit crazy but it was heartening to know a lot of these things I already have acquired or made, or plan to do so.... And subconsciously I seemed to choose a lot of the colours or prints that I love....

Trousers 1 - Slim pants/jeans, short jumpers, boatneck or scoop tee, flats
This is pretty much my casual uniform unless it's hot or I want to feel dressier. I'm not sure about making jeans - seeing Gail's fab Jamie jeans tempt me, but my machine doesn't like thick layers and just the idea of all that top stitching makes me want to stab my eyes with a fork.

Trousers 2 - Slim pleated trousers, fitted top, short cardi, flats
Am yet to achieve a good fit on pleated trousers. I've just had some recent success with some (unblogged) Ottobre shorts, so have good vibes on one of their trouser patterns. Stay tuned.....

Summer 1 - dresses - belted or fitted waist, flats
I do love this collection of pretties. Oh to have an Orla Kiely textile dress (does she sell fabric by the metre I wonder? I suppose I could always buy a bed sheet and cut it up....). I love every one of these shapes, and I'm hoping to make a clone of the red dress in the next week or two using the Salme Sundress pattern (lets hope summer hasn't completely abandoned us yet).  I was also fortunate to find another great vintage pattern whilst on holidays that is a bit different but still fits my dress criteria.....

Summer 2 - shorts, tanks, shirts

My hot-weather casual uniform. A few gaps to fill still but I'm running out of summer sewing time!

Winter - mini skirts, tights, shorter jumper, ankle boots
Now I'm not saying I'm wishing for cold weather to come any time soon, but. But...... when the cold weather hits and I get to mooch around in something like these beauties, then I won't be complaining too much. I've got some lovely tweedy wool in my stash that will be perfect for a mini (maybe another Simplicity 2451?), and I absolutely could make that bow-tie top out of some nice wool jersey and the Renfrew pattern using this fab idea.

Shift dresses - shorter with tights in winter, longer with sandals in summer
Must do a New Look 6808 and Laurel mash up - at least 4 things in the stash would make lovely shifts. Oh those Hasbeen sandals.... 

Work attire - slim trousers, short or 3/4 sleeves
Not much to add here - my Style Arc Elle trousers are perfect for work, as are my growing collection of kimono sleeve tees. 

Sixties inspired
How funny that I made this collage up about 2 days before Tilly released her Coco pattern. I actually already have a Burda pattern for this funnel neck top, but am yet to make it. 

Skirts - full vs pencil/fitted

Pretty much sorted with this silhouette. Gaps in the wardrobe include shorter warm jumpers and flat ankle boots. Again, Swedish flats! One day you will be mine.....

Stylish warm stretchywear. Essential. I've some ponte in the stash to make up into Elle pants as a trial for public-wear leggings....

Jackets and coats
I've been thinking about making a cropped blazer for a while, and was tempted by the By Hand Victoria pattern, but I'm just not convinced about it yet. Last night I happened upon this lovely Salme cropped blazer - I like the fitted shape a lot more (and the pattern price!). They're both unlined, and aimed at the beginner jacket sewist. 

And just for fun:

 Hot and cold weather glamping

When I went to play with my preferred colour palettes I found the suggested sites boring and hard to navigate so decided to head back to Polyvore, and collated my main colours as dresses, and minor colours as shoes! I've never had my 'colours' done but tend to stick to red, navy blue, coral pink, grey or black on top, and almost never have solid amounts of light or pastel colours near my face without a scarf or necklace and red lipstick....

As accent colours I've chosen pale pink, neon pink, white, chartreuse, tan, maroon, mustard, silver, turquoise and leopard print. Leopard print is perhaps not a colour but it's the only way beige sneaks into my wardrobe so I've included it here. It appears that my chosen colour palette isn't very neutral heavy  - black, grey, white, tan and leopard print! I would also include navy and red as neutrals. It's no big surprise to me. Beiges and creams in large amounts make me look deathly! 

I've had such fun doing this and it's totally restored my planning mojo - what about you? Have you played with Polyvore or something similar? I can now see what gaps I need to fill, and feel I can be a bit ruthless with what's in my wardrobe right now. Clearly I have a stripe addiction - that's not news at all, but also it seems I am yearning for some Swedish Hasbeens.... Too bad I'm on a Husband Enforced shoe moratorium at the moment. Le sigh. 


  1. Well, I look at your winter planning and immediately start wishing for colder weather! And those shift dresses are fantastic... I haven't tried Polyvore - just a bit daunted at the thought of yet another way to get lost on the internet, I think! But you've got me wondering now - after all, if you can justify it as a Useful Sewing Aid... ;)

    1. Glad you like them! To be honest now that I've done my collections I'm not that keen to keep on playing endlessly! I know what you mean about time wasting in the internet - it's why I've avoided Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter - just not enough time in the day!

  2. I love your Polyvore sets! I could never get the hang of making them, but I love looking at other people's - and yours are all right up my alley. And thanks for the Jamie shout-out!

    1. Thanks Gail - I think the ipad app makes it super easy. And you are welcome - your jeans are super!

  3. Oooh, love these outfits! It's so funny, because I also used the red chevron dress while making my own outfits on Polyvore: http://www.roxthinks.blogspot.ca/2014/02/wardrobe-architect-week-4.html Aren't the colour, the shape and the print just perfect? I do hope you make your own version of it so I can maybe try to dupe it too.

    1. Glad you enjoyed them Rox... Fingers crossed i can make the dress before summer ends here!


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