Finished project - Denim By Hand London Charlotte Skirt

So it's finished, and very stylish if I do say so myself. It still has the funny fold of fabric across the middle at times, but after some intensive pencil skirt image researching I think this is a combination of the style and the stiff denim - hopefully a combination of wear and fabric softener will settle things down - unless someone thinks this is a fit issue? I do have some lovely green tweedy wool that would be great as another Charlotte that I picked up from Savers....

As mentioned in my previous WIP post I did have to take in the hips a little - maybe this is making it ride up and create the ridge of fabric? Anyway, I think its rockin' and particularly with the stripes and my boots quite frenchie.

I added an inverted kick pleat, which ended up being a little shorter than what I would have liked because I removed about 15cm of length - next time I will make the kick pleat a little higher. I say it's finished, but to be completely truthful I still haven't finished off the tab on the waistband - I'm still vacillating between a button vs a press-stud or snap. I really really hate sewing on press-studs but I think it will probably be a nicer finish. I bound the seams in rayon hem tape - but its a bit of a mess especially around the zip. Next time I think I will finish the back seam edges completely before installing the zip - its next to impossible to finish them once the zip has been put in!

It is a lovely styled pencil skirt, one I will definitely make again. It was very easy to make and I do love the double dart detailing.... But this number is tight! Making the super-tuck of tops and VPL a bit of an issue. I do hope it softens up with wear.....

Action shot - time to get ready for Eurovision!


  1. Looks great, very sassy with the boots!
    The fabric fold might mean that you need to shorten the pattern slightly (is there a shorten/lengthen line on the pattern?) so that brings the hips up and gives you more room. ??

    1. Hey thanks for the comment! Yes I wondered about that, but there are no lengthen or shorten lines that high up. It has softened up a lot with wear. If my next version does the same thing ill definitely play around with shortening that area.

  2. If it doesnt have the line to lengthen or shorten it you could draw a line across at the widest point and that would be the same. you could then check your hip length on you and compare it to the pattern and cut and adjust accordinly blending it back together... personally, i think the fit looks almost perfect! Id be very happy with it!
    Always love coming over to blogs from burdastyle!
    x Ruffles

    1. Hi Ruffles! Thanks so much for the advice, so kind of you! :)


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