Me Made May days 8-11

Melbourne has had the most unbelievable warm spell - it's hard to believe that 3 weeks from winter I am sitting in a tank typing with the doors open (I am THE coldest fish ever). The last couple of days have been glorious, and thank goodness I am not working this weekend and can enjoy it! It has also meant I have had a little more excitement in my MMM outfits, including work outfits, for the last 4 days!

MMM Day 8 - Work day - self made Test Pattern top, cardigan from Target, black French Connection trousers.
MMM Day 9 - Work day - self made Bel Blouse  (many compliments on this one) and unseen black French Connection trousers.  Also worn later was a second hand cashmere cardi from Savers.

MMM Day 10 - Work day - self made botanic top, black Jag jeans, usual work shoes (coral Clarks). Also wore cashmere cardi later in day when was cooler.

MMM Day 11 - Day off! Yay! Self made Wiksten tank in Nani Iro double gauze, Country Road pink cords, self made belt and my awesome (leo)Pard Ziera flats. Cashmere cardi again when a little cooler. Look at that sun! Delicio!


Self made belt - unblogged but very easy!

Oh pard how I love you so!

I've smashed out another Renfrew this week (the cowl version) - it's a great pattern to make in little dribs and drabs, but as it's been so warm I've not worn it! It shall be posted soon. My sewing goal this weekend is to get started on my By Hand London Charlotte skirt. I think I've got a reasonable supply of tops at the moment - more Renfrews are in planning stages, but clearly my self made wardrobe is in desperate need of bottoms. This weekend is for the Charlotte in denim, then Tuesday I am psyching myself up for a Colette Clover session - the next few weeks will be a case of The Tragic Vs Pants...... And right this second I am needed downstairs to help with Sunny Boy - its hard to believe but 12 months after we bought him our awesome Kombi is just about ready to be on the road! So exciting!