Me Made May - Days 23 - 28

Having just worked the weekend my MMM outfits are getting fairly boring and repetitious but documented they have been, some very very badly.....

Day 23 - Work day - So excited by my new Renfrew Boatneck I had to wear it that day! Worn with Jag jeans, brogues and poser expression.

Day 24 - Work day - Grey cowl Renfrew (unblogged), green Witchery Cords, puffa jacket, brogues and Bonds stripey armwarmers. 

Day 25 - Work day. Long work day. Self made linen stripey Burdastyle dolman sleeve top with silk scarf and wool spencer. Probably same green cords and very tired eyes. 

Day 26 - Another work day - working weekends sucks! Grey wool/cotton Renfrew worn as underlay due to mega pilling, plus self knitted Pustard to Mustard cowl, worn with black Country Road jeans, black and white stripe Susan cardigan and brogues.

Day 27 - Work day - Grey unblogged Renfrew, Metalicus singlet,  black Jag jeans and in this picture Pard slippers, but I did actually wear brogues to work.

Day 28 - Day off - yay! By Hand London Charlotte denim skirt, and Renfrew grey boatneck, with Country Road jumper, Target stockings, Diana Ferrari boots and Creswick Mills scarf. This was my first test run of my By Hand London Charlotte in public. That wrinkle did seem to settle once I had been sitting in a while - maybe it stretched the denim and relaxed it. I did still find it very restrictive walking despite my kick pleat, so a higher kick pleat would have been heaps better. Still felt very chichi in it!

Day 29 - Work day - Renfrew grey boatneck (there is a very high chance I actually stayed in my PJ's till about 3pm yesterday, and I felt no unhygienic remorse in recycling the Renfrew) plus ...... wait for it...... refashioned maroon wool top as spencer! Yay! I finally have worn something, 2 days before the end of MMM, that I have refashioned! Full disclosure - my refashioning only involved chopping off sleeves and reattaching a band 'a la Renfrew' to make it 3/4 sleeve. But it was cutting, pinning and sewing and made an unwearable top wearable, so I am taking it! Also worn Jag jeans, and brogues.