Me Made May - days 12-17

Another week, another bunch of MMM outfits photographed in a very average manner..... I make no promises of anything exciting! It's been a long, cold, beige week. I'm too embarrassed to add to the MMM 13 Flickr Group!

Day 12 - Sunday - still unseasonably warm until about 4pm- self made Maria Denmark kimono tee (unblogged), skirt from Witchery, necklace from Etsy, tights from Target, shoes.... Can't remember!
Day 13 - Work day - self made linen Burdastyle top with yesterdays Maria Denmark black tee getting a second turn.  Worn with black Jag jeans

Day 14 - Day off - self made Cowl Renfrew recently blogged,  and self made stripey tank, with Wrangler jeans and Ziera Pard flats

Day 15 - A work day - self made Grey Renfrew recently blogged, Witchery Cords, vile hair. MMM has taught me fluoro lights plus beige walls plus iPhone camera = appalling photos. 

Day 16 - A work day. A bloody awful work day.  Couldn't face the camera! Self made stripy tank, black Burdastyle dolman top (unblogged) and Witchery cords again.
Day 17 - A work day - better today! Red Renfrew Cowl top,  wool spencer, Jag jeans. 
TGIF. Just saying.