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No toile roulette - the Fielder Top

I’ve written before about being a Planner. I plan a lot of my life, to fit as much in as possible, and it’s been quite the eye opener since my small person arrived that not only must one plan life Even More with a small around, but one must be fully prepared that the day may turn to shit and that precious plan flies out the window. Quite the paradox.
Anyway of course I plan my sewing, and since my available sewing time has shrunk to just a couple of hours a week I’m finding sewing with a plan even more necessary. Interestingly I’m finding I’m actually sewing more for the upcoming season, rather than the current one. I used to have such an enormous sewing list that I'd always be trying to squeeze one more thing out of the current season then be alarmed that I had nothing to wear that I liked when the new season hit. I digress. 

Anyhoo my careful spring plans tootled themselves out the window when I saw this version of the Fielder Top by Merchant and Mills posted by Leslie from Fibr…

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