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The dress that saved me, sartorially speaking.... New Look 6411 V2.0

Hello lovely people, it has been a few weeks between posts, hasn't it? We are now in the depths of winter, but we had the coldest May in a very long time, causing quite the shock to my reptilian system. Did you take part in Me Made May? I did, by default, only because 90% of my wardrobe is now self made, but did little to document. Mostly because I spent the month either in work clothes consisting of old Style Arc Elle trousers and old Mandy Boat tees, or in a variety of Hudson Pants or leggings. It was an extremely unphotogenic month for me, made all the more unpleasant by the almost constant nausea lasting all of April, May and the start of June, interrupted only by an overwhelming need to eat Cheezels or bacon every 2 hours. And the cause? Chez Tragic is expecting a mini tragic in early December.
So happy news and happy days, but my word it's been a long couple of months. That is behind me now and we are here to talk about sewing! and clothes! But, for the next little whil…

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