Finished - the first of many LB Pullovers

Just a quick one to share today, the LB Pullover from Paper Theory. It’s a deceptively simple top pattern that can be made in a knit or a woven. Anna has some beautiful versions on her blog, and the Instagram hashtag is also worth checking out. 

What makes this different from any other boxy top pattern out there? The knit plus woven options of course, but also the great drafting. It’s drafted with the shoulder seam more forward, so the neckline isn’t chokey. The collar is cut on the bias for a woven (although I have seen some making it on the straightgrain - I guess it depends how big one’s noggin is). It can be worn up or folded over - I wear mine up - I think it's very chic. 

I was lucky to be able to try my mums version(s) before making mine - she asked me last year if I had a pattern that was similar to her fave boxy knit cowl top tee and I thought the LB would be a pretty good match. I’m pretty sure I traced an 18 for her, which matched her top but was a good 2-3 sizes bigger than her measurements put her at - she has since tweaked it and narrowed it a little. She’s since made it in cottons, linen, a heavy ponte, a fleece and a drapey knit, some short sleeved, some sleeveless and some full length sleeves - all winners. It just goes to show how different fabrics can render a pattern new all over again. And I’m delighted it’s got her into sewing garments for herself again.

My bust and hip measurements put me at a 16, but I cut a 14 based on the fit of mum’s tops. My fabric is a wool woven tweed purchased a while ago from Morris and Sons (a textile store in Melbourne that sells mostly yarn but as a small fabric range). I can’t remember if it’s a blend or not, but it’s got a lovely drape to it and is super warm. My only modification was to lengthen it to allow a 5cm hem. Next time, despite the forward seam, I think I’ll do a very small forward shoulder adjustment, maybe just 5mm (normally I do 10-15mm). I love this top and wear it at least 2 days a week.

I’ve compared it to my beloved Nani Iro recipe 5 top, of which I’ve made at least 5 versions, and I feel a mashup will be the perfect spring/summer top for me, as the Nani Iro still has a tendency to fall back on my shoulders despite the forward shoulder adjustment I’ve made on it. 

I’ve got another chunky wool knit version in my queue plus endless cotton and linen short and 3/4 sleeve versions in my head once the warmer weather arrives. Highly recommended. 


  1. Really lovely! I might have to try this one.

    1. If you like an elevated basic you won’t regret it!


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