Finished - the Carrie Trousers, or those Crazy Pants

Hello! What do you think of my Crazy Pants? That's what my beloved calls them. I quite love them! They are the Carrie Trousers, from Sew Over It. They are part of the online trouser fitting course, and I'm not sure if the pattern can be purchased separately at all (maybe with their new PDF club, dunno). 

They're a relaxed fit elasticated waist pull on pant, with a flat front waistband section which I think elevates them above similar styles with a full elasticated waist. The recommended fabrics are those with lots of flow and drape. This is my wearable toile, made in a rayon from Spotlight. I decided it wasn't worth my while toiling in something too cheap and nasty and I managed to get these out of 1.5m by cutting the back pieces upside down and the pocket linings out of another fabric. I figure you probably wouldn't have noticed those roses on my backside were upside down unless I pointed it out.... 

These are a straight up size 12. The main fitting adjustment is via the elastic waistband. I'm coming to terms with the fact that I need to do a full bum adjustment of some sort. Even with a relaxed fit like these I need some extra length in the back crotch curve - so version 2 (in a delicious tencel denim from The Cloth Shop) will have that adjustment. I'd recommend stabilising the diagonal edges of the pockets as mine stretched out and were quite droopy, requiring some last minute adjustments. I didn't make any adjustments at all, even to the length which surprised me.

I'm surprised by how much I love them! They're breezy, and comfortable but a bit of a style departure. It was important to me that I found a rayon print I liked. I'm not into tribal prints and didn't want to feel like I'd purchased these from a cheap shop on holiday. As mentioned in my Bento post I've been really trying to work out silhouettes and matching garments up so as to avoid wardrobe orphans. The volume of these really needs either a tucked in lightweight top, such as what I'm wearing in these pics (a linen knit tank loosely based on the Tessuti Ruby) or a boxy tank (like the Tessuti Kate) a or tee cropped to my perfect 50cm length such as my striped Bento. 

I've now made both trouser patterns from the online course. I made the Ultimate Trousers last year, and blogged them over at Stitch 56, but unfortunately my experiment with the waistline finish (using Petersham ribbon) ended up being a bit of a fail and they ended up at the Op Shop. I need to give them another go! The lessons on fit were quite useful and I have applied them to some other trousers and shorts I've been making in recent months. I purchased the course when first released - it was on sale and great value.  Because the Carrie's are fairly loose and forgiving there's little in the course on fitting adjustments for these. However for the Ultimate Trousers there's definitely a few great pearls of wisdom for those trying to crack the trouser fitting code. I'll post another day about the revelations I've made - maybe once I've made version 2 in the tencel....

I don't have many fancy pants events in my life, but I'd definitely consider a pair of these in black silk if I did. What would you make your crazy fancy pants in?


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