Finished - a great little mini, with fickle stripes

Hello lovelies! I've got a quick little outfit to share today. I've always been a fan of a knit pencil skirt but lately have been a little dissatisfied with the fit I've been achieving over my hips. I've found with skirt patterns that have a side seam that I often get unsightly rippling on the seam and I'm not sure why. 

So I decided I needed a skirt that had side panels, but not side seams.... as it turns out not the easiest task at the time (late March according to my Instagram feed....). I found one pattern, the rather terrific freebie Colour Blocked Skirt from Sew So Easy. It's very simple. The front and back panels (which are the same pattern piece) are multisized and shaped. Size is based on your hip measurement, then you draft two rectangles that make up the side panels. Those princess seams (or are they gores, I can never remember) give a lovely shape and fit with the stretch of the knit. The waist is finished by attaching elastic to the right side of the skirt, then flipping over and either top stitching down or stitching in the ditch of the panel seams to keep it in place. It's quick and very easy. As with any fitted knit skirt I'd recommend a quick baste as the fit can vary so much between different fabrics. 

I made mine quite a bit shorter than the pattern as I really wanted a mini to wear with tights over autumn and winter at the time. The fabric is a glorious digitally printed ponte that was originally from Tessuti but acquired via eBay from a poor lady who's husband was making her destash (can't even begin to imagine THAT horror!). There was about a metre so plenty for this project. I know the style lines are pretty hidden so here's some flat shots.

I really should topstitch my elastic down.....

It's a great fit, very comfy and has solved my rippled seam issue. Highly recommended - and pretty terrific that it's a free pattern. 

I love love love stripes and florals together and have paired it with a top that has given me SO MUCH GRIEF. This fabric is one of those ones you adore, stroke and keep in stash just waiting for the perfect pattern. It's from Miss Matatabi (no longer in stock) and is essentially a cotton Lycra neoprene. One side striped, the other a marle grey with a filler between the two layers, making it a good 3-4mm thick and a real challenge to stripe match! Lovely to touch but so hard to choose the right project. I effed up majorly by starting with Simplicity 1366 which is meant for lightweight wovens. Total brain fart there. It was so bad and bulky, and the neckline was a disaster. After many faffs and unpicking I managed to recut a Liesl and Co Maritime tee out of the pieces. I still don't think it's awesome. The neckline is finished with a facing made from scrap of a lightweight knit to reduce bulk. And it's so cropped because it kind of just needs to stand away from my body. Such a gorgeous fabric, such a bitch to sew. 

I'll quickly mention my bag too, as it's popped up lately in a lot of photos. It's just a self drafted number designed to fold over at the top to stay closed (made oh, about 2 weeks before Anna released her Genoa Tote dammit!) but the outer fabric is pretty special - it's washable kraft paper! I found it from this Etsy seller, and it's wearing pretty well. I made it in June, and it gets bashed around. I figured it wasn't going to be an investment piece but have been very impressed by the longevity of the gold. It's just starting to wear off a little at the bottom corners, and along the top where it folds to become a self facing but it's hardly noticeable and a lot of fun. 

Photos taken in a random Brunswick laneway, by Blogless Anna and Funkbunny giving art direction.... And nice graffiti - I particularly like the kangaroo and her joey having a relaxing smoke together.