Finished - statement sleeves and stripes

Stripes. Will I ever get enough? My pre-frontal cortex says no. My stripe addiction continues unabated. Not even slightly sorry.

This jazzy little number is the Sea Change top, a pattern by the uber chic Debbie over at Lily Sage and Co. I was lucky enough to be able to try on Anna's a while ago (Anna did my photos too - I've lost my garage wall and she graciously lent me her fence and tree), and knew it'd be a pretty fab layering piece.

I made a size small, but added some extra length through the sleeves and body, the same as Anna, 1.5 or maybe inches I think. You can add length here and/or at the hem band. I also did a forward shoulder adjustment on the front and back (no need to change the armbands).  The proportions of my sleeve and hem bands are just a smidge different to the drafted pattern as I really wanted to use whole stripes. I literally had no leftover fabric - it worked out perfectly (I LOVE it when I have no leftovers)! To ensure I got them well lined up I didn't sew the hem and sleeve bands doubled - I did the visible outer side first to ensure a perfect line up of the stripe edge, then did a second pass of the other layer either right on or just inside the first stitching line. Then I finished with matching overlocker thread (the armband seams are quite visible - I'd do frenchies if using a woven.

There clearly is an enormous amount of design ease here, and there is actually little difference between the sizes.  The pattern is drafted for either knits or wovens, and Debbie gives instructions on how to finish the neckline depending on your fabric choice. This fabric is a knit (more on that below). I think that I'd probably narrow the neckline just a smidge if I was making a woven version......

The pattern is a PDF with the wonderful copy shop printing feature, very valuable for this time poor seamstress. Fabric recommendations are for lightweight drapey fabrics. My fabric is (ostensibly) a cotton from The Fabric Store (my iron suggests a blend). It's actually quite heavy but with a lovely drape - I knew from Anna's merino version that it would work. I usually stabilise my shoulders with iron on knit stay tape, but decided to use rayon seam binding due to the volume of fabric, and it worked very well.

Chic from the back don't you think? I think it's a lot of fun. 

Underneath I'm wearing a new Deer and Doe Plantain, made specifically to go under this top. It's not quite the right style in the neckline though, so I think I need a nice navy merino turtle neck. But I still thought it worth posting about because I used the most natty adjustment on the sleeve that worked a treat. This is the first garment with a full sleeve cap that I've done a forward shoulder adjustment on. I always use this tutorial from Maria Denmark to adjust my bodice pieces, and used this video tutorial off Threads for the sleeve cap which was so quick and easy. I'm really pleased with the fit. 

I can't wait to make a Seachange in something lightweight and drapey for summer. I love the effortless drama of the sleeves (just don't try to cook in it else you get another type of drama....).

Thanks so much too for all the kind words after my last post. I appreciated them more than I can say.