Finished - Burdastyle Gathered Raglan Sleeve Top

A quick finished project post - the Burdastyle gathered raglan sleeve top in a lovely lightweight dark navy-purple merino from Darn Cheap Fabrics in Heidelberg.

This was a fairly straightforward make, except for the neckline. I cut the smallest size, and probably should have graded up one or two sizes around the hips as it is fairly snug on my muffin top (but as the fabric is a little sheer it might be less of an issue over a camisole - there can't be many less attractive things than a dead-white muffin top visible through a semi-sheer fabric). Initially I wasn't certain whether one gathers knits the same as wovens, and a look on the interwebs wasn't that helpful, so I went with a standard 2 rows of gathering stitches in a contrasting colour, and it worked really well. The neckline, quite frankly, gave me the shits. It took 3 attempts, and even now I'm not thrilled with it. The neck band size recommended in the pattern is too big and doesn't pull the neckline in well. The instructions are ridiculously fiddly-sounding, so I went with a standard technique of attaching to the right side (a bit like the Renfrew scoop neck) but it still wasn't that great so I folded it under to the wrong side and top stitched it as a binding. Its a bit bulky but it's ok.

I did take a bit off the sleeve length - they are designed to be extra long and scrunched up a bit, but I shortened them to finish at my wrists. I also took a couple of inches off the bottom - as other sewists have noted it is very long. The pattern actually has 3 lengths, including a dress length.

I'm not 100% taken with the fit - from the side it kind of makes my upper arms look giant! The armpit is cut very low - maybe raising the armpit seam might make it a little more flattering. I'm not sure if I will make this again in a hurry. If I was to do so I'd be keen to try it in the dress length, in a nice thick knit.

The photos don't really do the fabric justice - it looks pretty bland and murky here but it is so soft and lovely. It should look great with my almost-finished red cord Beignet - I smashed out 12 buttonholes today - so closed to being done!

Don't forget my giveaway either - just over a week to go!


  1. Hi!
    Just discovered your blog through Burdastyle and wanted to tell you that your top is awesome! I have that burda issue but was not sure if the pattern was woth it. I'll try it now.


    1. Hi Isabel, thanks so much! Hope yours is a success!

  2. Hey, just found your blog through Jane. This looks really cool and the sleeve detail is really interesting. Looks great! Clare (

    1. Hi Clare, thanks for coming by! Love your blog - agree with Jane your recent shirt dress is just fantastic - so chic!


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