A Liberty Laurel

Despite the best efforts of the cat I was able to whip up my final Laurel (for now) for the Colette competition just in time for the contest.

The Tilster - on my pattern, on my ironed fabric, next to the 60 euro cat bed she refuses to sleep in.....
I reckon I could make this little number up in my sleep now but its time for me and Laurel to have a little break from each other. I'll try to keep it brief.....

  • Divine Liberty wool-cotton blend from my stash, present to self last birthday - this fabric is awesome - texture, quality, print - it rocks. From a distance it looks like a little floral but up close is (to paraphrase my brother when he saw it) very Jackson Pollock - the spatter design is a gorgeous combination of black, purple, blue and neon pink-orange. The neckline is bound in a black cotton-silk left over from the stash.

  • Version ...... can't remember - dress, with bell cuffs on sleeves, no pockets or other embellishments. I love the cuffs. LOVE them.
  • Lined in a cream and pale blue slinky stripy rayon (I think - it didn't smell like polyester when I set fire to it) from the stash. The lining was actually my very very first muslin - pat on the back for forward thinking Sarah!

  • Seams and hem bound in a lovely purple rayon hem tape that I found on Ebay - I've not been able to get this anywhere in Australia, and ended up getting 3 rolls from a NY based seller for about $35 posted. If anyone is interested I can find the link for you....
  • Alterations - left the zip out - was able to shimmy in and out of it ok, bust darts moved as per my previous version. 
  • I am really REALLY happy with my sleeve setting. I think I have hit upon the winning combination of techniques (for me at least) - 1 row of gathering stitches, NOT extra long, but a normal 2.5mm length with the top tension reduced right down - the right side of the fabric has the top thread and the wrong side has the bobbin thread. I then gathered the bobbin thread to ease it all up, pinned and hand basted (hand basting is TOTALLY the secret of a good sleeve insertion) then sewed those bad boys in. I also gave it all a good steam before sewing it in - apparently this can shrink it a bit but who knows if that worked. All I know is they are totally awesome. 
  • Finished length - short short short! Because it's not super fitted and I will never be wearing this without leggings or tights I went with a nice mini length.

Excuse the selfie - I had no photographer this morning and it was a gorgeous Autumn day here in Melbourne, such beautiful morning light. I wore it all day and out for dinner too - toasty warm and tres chic!

Dress in action today - credit for photo goes to my mum. Mmmm Haighs chocolate


  1. I wasn't sure about Laurel when I first saw it, but since I've seen so many lovely versions, it's really grown on me.

    1. Hi Megan - yes its a bit of a grower - I think the best thing about it is gives lovely fabrics a real chance to shine - its such a simple design and once the fit has been nailed it can be cute, chic and very stylish depending on what you choose and how its styled! Thanks for leaving your comments!


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