Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Finished - the Carrie Trousers, or those Crazy Pants

Hello! What do you think of my Crazy Pants? That's what my beloved calls them. I quite love them! They are the Carrie Trousers, from Sew Over It. They are part of the online trouser fitting course, and I'm not sure if the pattern can be purchased separately at all (maybe with their new PDF club, dunno). 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Bentos - batch style!

This summer I've really been focusing on orphans in my wardrobe - things I've made and love, but just haven't quite worked out the best way to to wear or style them. It comes down to proportion and balance - what to wear with a high waist or a more voluminous garment on my bottom half. I always describe myself as a bottom heavy hourglass, almost a pear. I find I need to ensure my waist isn't hidden if I wear a bottom garment that isn't skinny pants or a fitted skirt. And in summer the last thing I want to wear is tight clothing. I was playing around one day with some things, pinning tops up to work out the best cropped length for different garments and I think I've got my formula all worked out. I decided to test run the theory with some basic tees - quick, inexpensive to make and therefore not a big investment if it all turned bad. 

I thought I'd always have the Maria Denmark Kirsten tee as my favourite, but in the last year my style has changed a little, and I'm finding I'm reaching more and more for looser boxier tops. I've played a lot with the free Grainline Hemlock - my favourite version is this sleeveless edition with a self drafted neckline facing. Recently I decided I need to try the Bento tee, by Liesl and Co. I loved the look of the little armband/cuffs that finish the short sleeve version, elevating it to something a little more stylish, and thought the boxy look was just what I was looking for. I really love the Liesl and Co Maritime tee, so had high hopes for this one. 

I've made...... 5! Plus a dress version plus a failed woven version! I think its time to blog it! Many pictures to come! Tune out now if t-shirts bore you!

Version 1 - View B, size medium (throughout), no adjustments. 

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Oh hello February! Plus a Genoa tote of epic marvellousness

So, it's February! How on EARTH has that happened? Does anyone else need to find the slow down button for their universe? Anyway, it is February which means that January has long gone and I'm yet to do any kind of 2016 wrap up bla bla bla. I'm going to be honest - I just can't be bothered. I've loved reading everyone else's but I've kind of missed the boat on this one and am so far into 2017 sewing I can't really be bothered looking back that much. 

Lets just say 2016 had far fewer misses than hits, an embarrassingly low number of zips and buttonholes inserted, many repeat makes tinkering with minor details and lots of lovely fabrics acquired. And socks! I knitted socks (3 to be exact!).