Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Some unselfish sewing

I'm thrilled to report that our first glamping experience in Sunny was a marvellous success. After a very stressful week of registering, repairing alternators, breaking window winders, replacing window winders, losing hubcaps, finding hubcaps, being unable to start him up by myself, a triumphant commute to work, a husband with a week-long paracetomol-depedent fever and a zillion other preparations we headed off to Cape Patterson for a long weekend with some good friends. We had a super time, and I will post some pics as we get them from everyone, but todays post is all about unselfish sewing, including some projects that a great at using up little stash scraps. 

Sunny has taken over so much of my spare time lately that I've neglected a few gifts, including some bebe's and some birthdays. Today, being another 40 degree day, was the perfect time to finish a few of these off, in between the mountains of laundry after 3 days of glamping (strangely glamping is still a fairly grotty way to live - who'd have thought!). 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Thoughts on pants fitting - and exciting news!

Firstly and most importantly I'm hugely excited to announce (hot off the press!) that Sunny passed his roadworthy today, which means that in a couple of days he'll be registered and hooning around Melbourne making people smile! It's such a relief - we'd have been gutted if we couldn't take him glamping next weekend!

Anyway, it's been apocalyptically hot here in Melbourne the last few days - its currently day 4 of a heatwave, and right now the temperature outside is 42.5 degrees centigrade (108F if you think in fahrenheits!) and we still have at least one more day to go. Its just too hot to even sew, but last week I did some tinkering with some pants patterns and thought it might be worthwhile sharing my observations and adjustments. It seems that a huge number of sewists want to conquer trousers this year, and whilst there is plenty out there on fitting, I do think that a lot of fitting success ultimately comes down to trial and error. 

Thursday, 9 January 2014

A belated Christmas treasure trove.....Enid Gilchrist plus other vintage goodies

The great thing about having a bit of an unusual hobby like sewing is that often you are the first person people think of when getting rid of a stash. Now I need fabric and patterns like a hole in the head (Stash Diet 2014 is calling me!) but I'm never going to say no to a gift of vintage patterns and buttons. One of my colleagues was telling me her mum was downsizing off the family farm, and had a heap of sewing goodies that she was just going to take to the op shop - when she asked if I would be interested it was all I could to not squeal with excitement! So last week I got handed a box full of paper patterns and buttons, with the warning that 'they're probably not anything good, probably just daggy tracksuit patterns bla bla bla'. 
With the business of the new year, and cracking on with Sunny (driving permit acquired yesterday, cabinets painted and reinstalled and looking freaking awesome BTW) I only had a chance to go through my treasure box last night and I was as happy as a pig in mud!