Moi Made May 14 - Days 10-20

Crikey I've been rather lazy when it comes to MMM - don't get me wrong, I'm still participating, but oh the tedium of my work outfits! Last time I updated I was up to day 10.....

Day 10 - Forgot to take a photo - work day then jumped straight in the car and drove for 2 hours to visit my parents. Am fairly certain I wore RTW cords and my striped Mandy Boat tee as I remember showing off my Featherweight cardi to mum and being thrilled that it looked so cute with the stripes....

Day 11 - Saturday - Visiting the parents - and the photo shoot for my recent Shar-Pei Elle pants and new favourite black wool dolman (thanks for all the encouraging comments too ladies - I'm still considering trying to rejig them a bit and see what happens. Or not. I have man-flu via the husband and my enthusiasm for a challenge is low).

Day 12 - Sunday - The start of a delightfully unseasonable warm spell in Melbourne. My striped dolman, worn over a Sami Cami and a self made belt, with op shop denim mini, purple tights and patent brogues. Loved this outfit. Perfect for watching the Eurovision final (an annual highlight for me).

Day 13 - Monday - working. Elle Pants and my first Mandy boat tee. Spiced up with a new location and le chat.

Day 14 - Tuesday - my day off. I think I had about 4 costume changes this day, starting with gym clothes, then painting clothes, jeans and my pink Mandy boat tee for a supermarket run and finishing up with my black wool dolman and Crazy Floral Clover pants for dinner with my in-laws. I'm glad I pulled these pants out - the fit really is almost perfect (except for the fabric stretching out which is nothing to do with the pattern). I'm tempted to give these another go with some black pinwale cord......

Day 14 - Wednesday - Unblogged stripy dolman made up in one of my Mood fabrics purchased on our NY honeymoon last year. Rather vexingly it was labelled cotton but is actually a viscose and has worn fairly shabbily. Ok for work but little else. Worn with...... Elle Pants! Who'd have thought!

Day 15 - Thursday - mmm more sunshine. Striped Mandy boat tee and RTW cords. Oh this is what I wore on Day 10...

Day 16 - Friday - forgot to get a photo, but pretty sure was above cords and my red Renfrew, blogged here...

Day 17 - Saturday - had to work. Boo. Outfit was Elle Pants and grey Renfrew, then for dinner that night wore my lovely new Everlasting Spring top with my denim Simplicity 2451 skirt. Loved this outfit!

Day 18 - Sunday - Worked again! Sucks to be me.... Elle's and an unblogged striped linen Maria Denmark kimono tee that I have worn so often it is starting to develop holes! After work more painting and gardening, but no photo. You're not missing much though!

Day 19 - Monday - woke up with the start of my man flu, thought about taking an outfit photo but looked/felt so ghastly that I couldn't bear it. Wore RTW French Connection trousers, and a red unblogged Maria Denmark Kimono tee.

Day 20 - Tuesday - day off - hallelujah! Stayed in PJ's until 11, then had to head out, so popped on the instant chic that is my Twiggy Dress and leggings. Jacket is RTW from Ojay, pard scarf from Target, and pard flats from Ziera.

Day 21 - Wednesday - still feeling average so came home early from work and succumbed to the ease of 'photo in the mirror'. I felt how I look - but at least I was comfy in a self made Maria Denmark kimono tee (my first one, terrible neckline finish!) and Elle Pants. Literally 30 seconds later was in Elle Ponte pants - perfect for laying on the couch knitting.

So what have we learned from the last 10 days of my outfits - that if I find a pattern I like, I make it and make it and make it again! In 10 days I've worn some version of the Maria Denmark Kimono four times, the Burdastyle dolman tee four times, the Tessuti Mandy boat tee four times, and variations of the Style Arc Elle pants at least 6 times. It's been so nice to be able to wear some t-shirts and not be super layered up, as I normally would be this time of year in Melbourne. Have you been looking at the Flickr group? I'm loving it!


  1. I love your floral clovers! They are awesome. Hope you feel better soon :(

  2. Really lovely outfits! The twiggy dress is just SO fabulous....and I LOVE those Clovers!
    Sorry to hear you've been unwell; hope you're feeling 100% again soon. And that you get plenty of knitting time in the meantime :)

    1. Thanks Danielle - I'm feeling heaps better! I was so grateful for the warm weather to give Twiggy a spin before it gets cold!

  3. Your outfits all look chic, comfy and modern. I love everything, the green floral top is so pretty and the striped dress is uber cool. Gorgeous!
    I hope you are feeling better soon, too :)

    1. Thanks so much Carolyn - coming from a super chic uber-seamstress like you is praise indeed!


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