Another pair of Iris shorts, to soothe my nerves....

Before I continued on my dress mission I needed a little sewing pick me up, something easy, that I knew would work, and that filled a gap in my wardrobe - some neutral denim shorts. I had found a lovely indigo lightweight denim at Rathdowne Remnants a few weeks ago, whilst on a Tour de Fabric with my mum, and had cut them out on holidays, ready to whip up a pair of Colette Iris shorts when I had a free hour or two. This is a great pattern - if you make the pockets and facings out of some cute stash leftovers (which I would recommend especially if the main fabric is heavier, like denim) the pattern uses less than a metre of fabric. I reckon I'll have enough left over for a little skirt.... Anyhoo, the Finished Object:

I was happy with the fit of my wearable muslin pair, and cut a Colette size 8 with an extra inch of length for a decent hem, but didn't want these to have the button pocket closure.  I knew the pockets would gape if there weren't buttons, so I chose to sew those seams without pockets, and just put one pocket in the side seam without the zip. I also altered the pocket piece slightly, extending it upwards so it caught in the waistband seam as I find the original pocket pieces do flop about a little bit. I made the pockets and the facings out of a gorgeous linen cotton floral print I'd been selfishly hanging onto in my stash (numerous times I'd had it out to turn into a gift of some sort, and put it back, too in love to share!).

And the final touch was to add one of my little labels, because despite having a tertiary degree I still managed to put these on backwards. Twice.

There may be enough summer left in Melbourne to squeeze out one more pair, maybe in a polka dot, but for now these will do - I have more important fish to fry.......


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