Unselfish sewing

I was lucky enough to visit my lovely friend Caroline over the recent long weekend, and enjoy some country hospitality before she gives birth to her first little bebe. The best part about your friends having bebes is the chance to do some unselfish cutie sewing, and my pre-birth presents went down well:

Modelled by a friend
This very cute baby swaddle wrap/papoose was adapted from this pattern - I had some issues with the way it was constructed and probably wouldn't make it again, but it turned out ok. It was lined in a flannel sheet snapped up a while ago at Savers, and the outer layer was some leftover Ikea fabric, sourced from the stash.

Very cute lining

 And I was very pleased with how my Savers bib pattern turned out. Top fabric sourced from stash, and backing towelling sourced from a stash donation from a friend of my mums.

I do love it when the recipient of a me-made gift is appreciative of the time and effort that goes into choosing the materials and design, and the making.