Sunday, 30 November 2014

Finished - shorts. SHORTS! Jimmy shorts to be specific......

My friends I'm on that fools errand again. Shorts. I'm trying to crack the little sartorial nut that eluded me last summer - the perfect shorts. Stylish shorts. Cute shorts. Shorts that didn't cut me in half in all the wrong places. I've put aside the Colette Iris pattern for now due to an inability to make the crotch curve work for me. I tried 3 other patterns last year, all failures, and swore that this was the summer I'd give the Grainline Maritime shorts a try. And I will, but after Katy's glowing report of the free Jimmy shorts pattern from Fine Motor Skills (download them here from Burda) I just had to give it a try first. 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Finished - Sailors Top and Elise Tee

As we approach summer I've been trying to plug some wardrobe gaps, and one of those gaps was a few new t-shirts. I know making basics like tees can be a bit boring and many would rather spend that sewing time on something more interesting, which I understand, absolutely. But right now I just can't bring myself to buy them. I'm just so sick of poor quality, badly made, off grain t-shirts. And I'll be honest - I'm too tight to spend cash on a crappy t-shirt when I can make one myself for a quarter of the price....

Today I'm sharing two new tees, plus some patterns I'd like to try (if I hadn't promised my beloved that I wouldn't buy any more fabric before Christmas.....).

First is Marilla Walker's free Sailors Top, available to download from here. It's a very simple square tee (or can be extended into a dress), one size, with some interesting neckline and sleeve gusset details. I ended up leaving the sleeves and sleeve gussets off - I just couldn't get mine to look as nice as Marilla's, and in the end realised the sleeveless version would be more suited to the Australian summer anyway.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Finished - Vintage McCalls 8222 skirt

It's been a weekend of highs and lows at Chez Tragic. First the biggest low was the Rolling Stones cancelling their concert for the second time, disappointing not only the fans but the poor community around the Macedon Ranges who had been gearing up for the influx of thousands of visitors and therefore dollars. What can one say? Not much. But one can sigh. A lot. Sigh.

On the plus side I am thrilled to say I am now the very happy owner of a little secondhand Janome overlocker/serger, and was cackling with glee when I managed to thread it correctly first time in under 30 minutes, and it worked perfectly! Thanks so much for your recent comments and recommendations. I know you'll all understand how exciting this is for me!

Today I'm sharing with you a skirt made from a vintage pattern I found at a local op shop ages ago. Whilst it's not going to rock everyones world there's a few little features worth sharing, the least of which is the fact that I love it!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Advanced Style, and some opinions needed.......

Hello lovelies. I need some opinions from you regarding sergers/overlockers (depending on where you are in the world) but first I wanted to share with you the fabulousness that is the documentary Advanced Style.

Advanced Style was/is firstly a street fashion blog, devoted to capturing fabulously dressed women over 60. The photographer and author of the blog, Ari Seth Cohen, has recently released a documentary starring several of his amazing regulars.

I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed this film - it was, in a nutshell, joyfully inspiring. I'm not normally one to bandy such words around, but seeing this made my month, if not year! Ari is so respectful and protective of his 'entourage' and the ladies are indescribably marvellous. They refuse to be invisible, and have clearly changed the lives of many by inspiring them to develop and embrace their own styles as they age. It was hilarious, touching, charming, occasionally sad but never condescending. I loved it. I've just turned 36 and I hope that when I'm the age of these ladies I have just as much contentment with my age and style, and I look forward to following the blog now that I have learned about it.

I don't want to give too much away - all I can say is do try and watch it - it has limited independent release in Australia at the moment, but you can view the trailer and buy it as a download via this link.

My favourite quote - "I never wanted to look young, I wanted to look great".

My favourite lady - Ilona, the 94 year old who harvests her own red hair to make her own false eyelashes and jokes about not buying green bananas as she can't be certain how much time she has left.....

Image from Advanced Style
And now to back to me me me!
I'm sniffing around at second hand overlockers at the moment, but am getting rather overwhelmed at the variety out there in the wild. I'm going to look at a Janome Harmony 9102D on the weekend, and really just wanted to get the vibe on peoples experiences with different brands. Tell me - what have you got, what do you love about it and what do you hate? I'd honestly rather not have one than get one that's a lemon.....
Thanks in advance!