Monday, 20 October 2014

Finished - Art Deco Hudson Pants!

As mentioned in my last post I've made myself a pair of fancy stretchy-wear pants - after my beloved declared them to be a little man-repelling he softened his stance and allowed that they 'weren't as terrible' as expected. Praise indeed! It's funny how there's certain types of garments that women love and men don't. I love these, my mum loves these, and my 84 year old great aunt thought they were fab. Yet the husband and brother - decided ambivalence there....

Monday, 13 October 2014

The Gin Kimono and a fashionably late bloghop

Rather embarrassingly it has now been about 3 weeks since the delightful Morgan of Crab and Bee nominated me in the little blog hop that has been whizzing around the sewing blogosphere in the last couple of months. Firstly I stalled because I wanted to do the answers justice, then I injured my arm and found it a bit hard to do anything and lost my mojo. Then I worked what seems like 75 weekends in a row (but it might have just been 2......). First world dramas aside, all is good now, and after a massive sewing binge this week my mojo is restored and hopefully I can give you some vaguely interesting (but unlikely to be profound) answers.

In case you have no interest in what motivates me to blog, I shall first placate you with my latest make, a highly unnecessary but very fun kimono. I call this my Gin Kimono, as I intend to wear it on cooler summer evenings drinking gin. I feel rather Phryne Fisher in it (although of course Phryne's would be silk, and not a rayon snapped up off the Darn Cheap $2/m table). The print is the most marvellous explosion of ikat roses, splattered with neon pink, tomato red and the slightest spatter of chartreuse. I know you'll all be thrilled to learn that I do still have the ability to sew a woven fabric.....