Autumn/Winter Sewing Plans

Inspired by the Stash Diet ladies recent spring clean out I spent a happy couple of hours last week whilst my beloved was away for work, refolding and reorganising my stash into a tidier state, which in turn lead to a pattern clean out and the development of my plans for Autumn/Winter sewing. Sorry if this is boring - it's really more a post for myself so I don't have to keep referring back to the list on my iPad (but I actually really love reading other peoples plans so some of you might enjoy it!).

I've not really been that fussed at continuing on the the Wardrobe Architect project - I found the initial weeks most useful, and I've never had a problem identifying which prints I adore. So instead of following the exercises I found it was simple as identifying gaps in my cool weather wardrobe and shopping the stash, matching fabric and patterns I can use to fill the gaps, and then making a small list of future purchases.

I decided to group them into dresses, skirts, pants, knit tops, woven tops, outerwear and knitting. My main focus is to use as much stash fabrics and patterns as possible (for both toile purposes and final garment) and make things that are WARM! I seem to have a pointless addiction to 3/4 sleeves, and then proceed to freeze. Not this year. It's the winter of sleeves for me.

And so, to some pretty pictures (any excuse to play make believe with Polyvore)....


1 - Red wool shift dress - currently perfecting a Laurel-New Look frankenpattern
2 - Grey ponte or wool knit shift dress - maybe using this opshop pattern or adapt this Burdastyle pattern:

3 - Flannel shirt dress - I'm kicking myself for leaving behind some black and white flannel at Clear It recently, hopefully I'll find something similar to make this version of the Lisette Traveller dress:


1 - Black and tan print gathered skirt - I've a bit of fabric left over from my Birdie dress, and plan to make a below-the-knee Zinnia-esque swishy gathered skirt. Should be easy enough to draft - similar to this skirt but longer and probably lined.

2 - Tweed wool mini - possibly scalloped hem. I've some gorgeous green and black tweed in the stash that will make a great mini. There's a cute miniskirt pattern in one of my Ottobre mags and I'm toying with making the hem scalloped (using the Meringue skirt pattern from the Colette Sewing Handbook). Thoughts on scalloped hems - a bit 2013?

3 - Black pencil skirt - big gap in the wardrobe for this one. Likely will be another Beignet, in a nice heavy twill or black denim. Also considering a black ponte skirt - I've some lovely black ponte destined to be Elle pants and might have enough left over for a skirt.


Easy - all Elle pants! They're just so comfy and easy to make. I've 4 pieces of fabric destined to be Elles - another bengaline pair for work (my second version has been holding up great, both in comfort and fabric), black ponte, some luscious fine black pinwale cord and an AMAZING print that I feel will be made up very soon indeed....

Knit tops....

1 - Black wool dolman and a wool Renfrew - great basics, tried and tested patterns - no stuffing around with fit.
2 - Black wool cardigan - pattern yet to be confirmed....
3 - Burdastyle top from above - preferably in wool. I've seen something divine on the Mood website but probably should look locally first....

Woven tops....

This is the big gap in my wardrobe. I'm really keen to make a variety of long sleeve tops in lovely lush fabrics to go out in. Right now I've really got nothing. I also want to be able to wear another fine layer underneath to keep warm....

1 - Basic button-down shirt - after my sad Tyler experience I have to start from scratch. I've a couple of Ottobre patterns, but also this delightful vintage pattern I picked up recently - I just love the collar on it. I've some chambray, and some lovely pale purple spots destined for this pattern.

2 - The yoke top from the above vintage pattern - I've a little of my Liberty splatter fabric left over, and also this mad Liberty cat fabric that would look great:

3 - I've been so lucky with this vintage Style pattern - I'm keen to make the long sleeve shawl collar version, I'm thinking a lovely navy washed silk....

4 - New Look 6808/Laurel Frankenpattern - I've tweaked this to be the perfect simple fitted woven top and have a couple of beautiful long and 3/4 sleeve versions in gorgeous prints in the pipeline.....

5 - Vintage tie neck - haven't got a fabric planned yet but did see a gorgeous red voile printed with swallows recently in Spotlight. Not so warm though....Maybe black silk or rayon?


I'm really only interested in making a little blazer this winter. I've plenty of coats. I was tempted to try the Victoria blazer, from By Hand London, but I'm just a bit concerned it's too boxy. I think I'll go with this Salme blazer - I'm unsure about colour and I'll probably make life harder for myself trying to line it. Knowing me I'll probably go black or dark grey, but it does depend what I can find in my local fabric shops. I feel a Fabric Safari coming on. Isn't it a lovely pattern though - so simple and elegant....


I put this in as an afterthought, but I have planned 3 Autumn/Winter knits this year. If I get even one finished I'll be chuffed!

First up is the Cape Cod in red wool from Bendigo Wool Mill (photo and pattern from here on Ravelry). I've three fat balls of wool sitting on my bookcase like red pumpkins, crying out to be used....

The Chuck sweater, in a lovely warm honey beige wool from Cascade Yarns (here on Ravelry). My first attempt at cable work. 

The Toulouse Sweater, in a denim blue wool from Bendigo Wool Mills (here on Ravelry). So chic and relaxed.

Hmmm. That'll keep me busy. Challenge accepted! What are you planning in your part of the world? Warm weather things or cool weather things? What are your thoughts on scallop hems? Ideas for my Salme blazer?


  1. Lovely plans! I like the Burda v-back top and the vintage Style blouse especially. That Liberty cat fabric too! Going to have to track some of that down.

    1. Thanks Katie - I bought the cat liberty about 18 months ago - it's still floating around though - I'm sure you'll find some in the uk. It's so crazy isn't it?

  2. I love reading sewing plans! Yours are so considered and stylish, too. And, oh! to have a go-to pants pattern... The Salme blazer is lovely; so classically elegant, and looks like such a happy mix of flattering structure and soft drape. In silk maybe? Good luck with it all!

    1. Ooh silk might be nice. Maybe not for my test drive version tho....

  3. Well I love my Cape Cod so I say go for that definitely. And I adore that Toulouse sweater, damn you. Now I have to add it to my queue. That Style pattern is awesome, I have a longstanding love affair with Style patterns. And I love the shirt pattern, does it have a skirt pattern with it? Looks a good staple pattern.

    1. Oh your cape cod! It's my inspiration! We should both make the Toulouse sweater this winter - check out the bendigo woolen mills website, such a great range of 10 ply yarns and they mail out samples - awesome value. The shirt pattern has a little a-line skirt with it. Not sure of the size - it's not something I'd make so I've actually not bothered to check. You like it? I can lend you the pattern pieces if it's the right size - let me know and you can trace it!

  4. Great post, excellent motivation for me to get a sewing plan together. I have the Style blouse pattern, bought when it was on trend, cost per use would be down in the few cents category, although I have not made it up for many, many years. I am faintly amused that many of my patterns are now considered "vintage", only faintly amused as it is a reminder that I am old and that is not something one wants to dwell on!

    Regarding scalloped hems, in my archives I have a scalloped hem short skirt (not quite mini although pretty short for the time) ripped straight off a 1988 outfit worn by Princess Diana. I made it (as part of a suit to wear to a friend's wedding) using a self-drafted pencil skirt pattern and a tupperware container to get the right scallop size. From memory I tried a number of different sizes before I got a curve that I was happy with.

    Looking forward to following your progress :)

    1. Ooh princess Diana and scallops - style icon indeed ;). I do love,the style shirt - and I am a loyal adherent to the 'cost per wear' or 'cost per use' school of thought - currently mine is at 50c! Thanks for the great comment - hope you get some great plans lined up too.


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