Monday, 30 December 2013

A year of sewing - Tragic style

I've really enjoyed reading all of the 2013 Hits and Misses that have been popping up on sewists blogs lately, the brainchild of Gillian. I did a little summary in the middle of the year of how some of my makes were wearing/holding up, and it's been interesting to see what choices I've made since then. I've definitely tried to make more things that are practical and wearable, and that fit with garments I already have. It's easy to get caught up in the latest fashionable or popular pattern/sewalong/competition and forget that expending precious time, fabric and money on something that won't be a valued or flattering part of one's wardrobe is a bit pointless! I've also come to the realisation that there are only so many cute skirts/dresses that I need in my wardrobe which is bursting at it's colourful seams - 2014 is going to be all about basics!

Saturday, 28 December 2013

WIP - Sunny Boy's interior!

It's finally happening my friends! After 18 months, endless hours of labour, and endless dollars we are THIS close to getting our Kombi road worthy and registered! I first posted about Sunny here - you can see the horrendous 'before' and totally awesome 'after' pics of his exterior body work in that post. We took a week off in November so my love could crack on with building the interior cabinets, and I could crack on with his curtains and the seat upholstery, and these last few weeks my love has been spending every spare minute he could on getting it done. Because we've set a date! We've locked ourselves in to a beach camping weekend away in late January with friends, for the Australia Day long weekend. That gives us about 4 weeks to get Sunny running right to be roadworthy, and sleep-worthy on the inside! He's got to be nice on the inside, because I'm not up for scuzzy camping - with Sunny taking care of us we will be Glamping!

I'm so proud of my love's exceptionally hard work, and I'm very well pleased with my first serious attempt at upholstery and piping. Feel free to tune out if Kombis aren't your bag, but I've a swag of photos showing the progression of our work.....

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

A message from our sponsors....

Wishing you all a great holiday season - hope you can spend it doing everything that brings you happiness! See you on the flip side! 

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Finished - un beignet vert

Hello there! Thanks everyone for the ace comments about my Morgat jumper (and for that matter all the comments about my makes!) - I do appreciate it! 

And to another Beignet. This really is one of my favourite patterns. I finished my second Beignet a couple of weeks ago, but only debuted it the other day - and I love it so!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Finished - la Morgat

I understand now why knitters often drag their heels when finishing up a garment - its the weaving in of all those damn little ends. So very tedious. Anyway, I've finished my next Beginner Knitter Phase 2 Garment, the Morgat sweater by Army of Knitters. I'm both pleased with it and meh about it. I really like the knitting-in-the-round top down method, and it's a very good pattern for beginners but the final product is probably not something I would buy and therefore I'm not sure I will be wearing it much:

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Finished - DIY melony pussy bow Ottobre goodness

Remember ages ago, when I went through my 1 year of Ottobre Design Woman subscription, and was a little bit underwhelmed by (but still faintly hopeful for) the snazziness of the designs? I've finally gotten around to making one of them, using a basic kimono sleeve shirt pattern (yay for kimono sleeves - no sleeve setting!) to have a crack at a DIY pussy bow neckline.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Rambling thoughts on knitting plans - lots of pretty pictures!

It may seem a bit strange to be writing this on the first official day of the Australian summer, but when one has a new addiction/passion/love mere dates, temperatures or seasons cannot stop one from ogling beautiful patterns and falling down the Ravelry rabbit hole! I think the great thing about the Southern Hemisphere being a season behind in terms of fashion (and therefore sewing and knitting fashions) is that we can see all the lovely new things being tried and tested, then we can swoop in and use up all that experience and advice with our own makes!

And of course the hard thing about knitting, especially as a beginner, is that once you graduate to from making scarves to making garments each item can take so. damn. long. At least if I am sewing chances are my project will be finished in less than a month (and usually less than 2 weeks) - and the mental queue of future sewing projects doesn't seem quite so overwhelming. So it's only natural that the delay of knitting gratification causes one to make crazy long term unrealistic plans - or is that just me? The good thing about such long term plans is that it does give you time to think sensibly about how it will fit into the wardrobe - colours, styles, which garments it will work with, instead of rushing headlong into making something that might be pretty but not really a great fit with the rest of one's wardrobe!

I know many sewists/crafters just LOVE the planning stage. I'm no different. Hours are spent on the couch, one eye on the telly, the other looking up patterns, garments, fabrics, reading blogs, and now that time has also started to include Ravelry, and actual knitting time. I thought I'd share my current list of possible future knits, mostly because I think they are so lovely!