Saturday, 26 October 2013

Finished - the birthday top - New Look 6808

It was my birthday this week - yay! I do love birthdays. I don't care about getting older - I've always loved my birthday and always will! My husband calls it a birthday festival as it is usually a week long celebration, drawn out by various catch ups with friends and family. Anyway I'll do a post with my birthday spoils another day (including gifts to self - essential!) but we were planning a posh dinner out with my besties last night at the gorgeous italian restaurant Rosetta, at Crown Casino in the city, and I wanted a swish new top to wear. I had been planning for a sleeveless number but the Melbourne spring weather has been a fickle cold and nasty beast, and so instead this long sleeved version of New Look 6808 was born. I'd actually been planning to make a long sleeved blouse over winter, to wear out, preferably in a wool blend because I get so damn cold, and had expected to be making this next winter, not at the start of summer!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Finished - Purl Soho Cap Sleeve Lattice Top! YEAH! But no......

As you may or may not remember I started knitting my first jumper while we were on our honeymoon in New York (raunchy I know, curb your envy) - the Purl Soho Cap Sleeve Lattice Top. I bought the yarn, Cascade Pima Cotton, from Purl Soho - the girls there were just lovely and spent a lot of time helping me choose the right yarn. The original pattern was designed for wool, but I thought it a bit pointless to make a short sleeve jumper (sweater, whatever) for the Australian summer out of wool, so I went for a cotton yarn instead (but really I shouldn't have worried - as I sit here typing the crazy Melbourne sky is hammering us with enormous chunks of hail....).

The Inspiration - from the Purl Bee
So I finished it a couple of weeks ago, but for some reason wasn't super keen to finish it off by doing the side seams. I think I had some premonition that after 2 months of knitting, it was going to be not the most fabulous of knitted garments......

For a beginner pattern it was very easy - I learned how to make eyelets, and the lattice lace pattern is actually very easy. My stockinette body turned out very well, and most of the lattice is pretty good but I must have stuffed up somewhere on the front as it does go a little wonky at one point. My neckline finish isn't great - and it's way too wide. And despite making the smallest size I think the choice of cotton yarn wasn't great because it is pretty big and drapey.... But, you know, despite it turning out just a bit.... well.... shit..... I am really very happy with my poor droopy top! I'm hugely proud that I have made a whole adult garment that is not a scarf (despite having very little in technical construction) I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this.

You'd think I'd be gutted, and once upon a time I probably would have been - had a tanty and been all miserable at wasting 2 months and $40 worth of yarn, but I am feeling remarkably zen about it because I have a plan B for it.....

I'm already addicted to trawling through Ravelry for beginner sweater/jumper/cardigan patterns, and have about 10 already queued up, and am well into my next project. I was drawn to Andi Sutterland's Riverine Pullover, but because it looked so similar to this top I thought it a bit silly to make it - but I think it's going to be my saviour.

I'm planning to keep my navy stockinette body, and unravel the lattice part, and reknit the lace work using the Riverine pattern - GENIUS I think! The third size of the Riverine has only one more stitch than my Cap Sleeve body - easy enough to add another. The lace pattern appears far less stretchy than the lattice lace, and if I knit it with slightly smaller needles, it should contain the slouchiness a little more - what do the knitters out there think of that plan?

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Project Sewn Entry

Just a quick one - I'm entering my pink New Look 6000 in this week's Project Sewn competition as a nod to 60's fashion - the original frock post is here and if you'd like to you can vote via the Project Sewn blog here in a couple of days. The outfits posted this week by the main contestants are pretty fabulous....

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Finished - Bread and butter sewing - the Style Arc Elle pants

I think I'm not the only one who likes to make something nice and easy and/or familiar after a bit of an involved make. After my Tyler shirt I needed a quick fix, and a week or two ago realised that my work wardrobe was in desperate need of some pants for warmer weather. I had in my stash some super stretchy grey stretch woven fabric that I had found on the Darn Cheap Fabric bargain table for either $5/m or $2m a couple of years ago, and had to give Past Sarah a high five - I'd had the foresight to get 1.5 metres - and with the stretch going across the grain I was crossing my fingers I could get a pair of slim fitting pants out of it.

Enter the Style Arc Elle pants:

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Finished - my chambray Tyler shirt

Finally it's finished! This one has taken a good couple of weeks, and for the most part I am very pleased with my first attempt at a button down shirt! Just to recap, this is the Tyler shirt, by the newish Finnish pattern company Named. It is available in PDF only at the moment, with only 2 sizes available per pattern (34-36, 38-40, etc etc). My fitting post for this pattern can be found here but in a very quick nutshell my muslin was a size 36 but I made the bodice seams 5/8 inch to be able to french them, did a sway back adjustment, added an extra inch to each side of the centre front for better bust fit, and added a little extra to the hips. I probably really needed the size 38 in the bust and hips, but the 36 in the shoulders - my adjustments seem to have worked out ok and the shirt is very comfortable.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Tyler WIP - so close!

Only the buttonholes left - and I get called in to work..... Oh the torment!