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Fab Find! Thread Theory mens sewing patterns

The problem with becoming vaguely proficient and skilled at making your own awesome self-stitched wardrobe, is that those around you start wanting you to make awesome duds for them. "When are you going to make something for me?" they start to whinge, and the selfish sewist starts to feel more and more guilty that they are flouncing around in their own superb clothing, but their beloved is forced to..... sniff..... continue to purchase RTW.

Up until recently we have had the excuse that mens clothing patterns are few and far between, and the vast majority of them are pretty appalling. I've had the Colette Negroni mens shirt pattern in my to-do list for a while, and even have the toile fabric ready to go, but my beloved was hoping that I'd be able to whip him up some shorts and chino-style trousers. I promised by the end of this year I will have mastered a fly-front zip, and maybe even welt pockets and I would make him some pants. Dutifully I have researched trouser and shorts patterns, and came up with not much that was good. There's plenty of daggy crap out there, but when your beloved is super-stylish, with a penchant for well fitting slim-fit clothing, suitable patterns are scant to say the least.

The big 4 options are terrible. In the 'Mens/Unisex' range you have the choice of shirts, waistcoats (so many damn waistcoat patterns!) surgical scrubs (New Look has 3 scrubs patterns!), wide-leg drawstring pants, wide-leg jeans-style pants or....... lederhosen.

Or a priests robe. I do not joke. This is a current Butterick menswear pattern.
Butterick B684

Burdastyle at least has the Jochen pants - they look ok but despite 1400-odd downloads, there are only 16 projects posted, and only one review...... And I don't know that I'd be entrusting my precious fabric and maiden pants-sewing experience to the minimalist instructions of a Burdastyle pattern.

Jochen pants

But my days of excuses and complaining are about to run out with the discovery of todays Fab Find! Morgan and Matt of Thread Theory are a very clever husband-and-wife team with a small range of menswear patterns and are about to release a fantastic looking mens trouser pattern, the Jebediah pants. They're a slim fit modern-fit trouser pattern that hopefully will fill the absolutely enormous gaping hole in mens trouser patterns - a modern silhouette for the stylish partners of stylish home-sewists! 

Source: Thread Theory
Source: Thread Theory

Not only do they have the name of an awesome Australian band that rocked my early 20's, but they are based on a chino-style of pant, not jeans or business trousers. Just what my beloved is nagging asking me for. The patch pockets are far less scary than welt pockets too! Hopefully they take the lead of some of the other independent companies, and do a trouser sew-along once they are released. 

I also love their Strathcona Henley t-shirt (I'd love one these for myself to be honest) and the super-hipster Newcastle Cardigan, a mens cardi made in a knit fabric (superbly modelled by both Matt, and Morgan's father - fab!).   

So whilst I am loathe to tear my selfish self away from my own to-do list of sewing projects, I am very excited to find Thread Theory, and eventually make my beloved a stylish Tragic wardrobe of his very own!


  1. Great post! :) I've been looking for a decent menswear pattern for similar reasons haha. I too get a little engrossed in my own projects!

    1. I know, I think my time for selfish sewing is coming to an end! :)

  2. Aren't they fantastic! I'd pretty much given up hope of ever finding wearable menswear patterns. Are the pants released yet? I can't wait to try out the t-shirt and coat too...

    1. Hi Danielle! I think the pants pattern is still being graded. I'm following their blog to keep updated!


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