Pustard to Mustard Cowl

Last Spring (September) I had it in my head I needed a mustard cowl, so I ordered myself some nice chunky mustard wool online and found some circular needles and waited patiently for the wool to arrive.

So imagine my devastation when my wool arrived, not in the rich mustard hue I was expecting, but a pale yellow beige reminiscent of the pus from a cat bite abscess - not mustard but PUSTARD! My goodness it was foul and next to my pale complexion it was vile. I was in a quandary - not only did I have 3 balls of perfectly good but pus-coloured wool, I had comitted to 'Buy Nothing New' month in October, and would have to wait a full month before being able to source something else.

I did what any normal person would - I waited till my other half had gone away for work, and proceeded to dye my pustard wool with powdered turmeric on my stove top. Now sadly I have no before and after for the colour, but Cleckheaton Country Wide #0004 Mustard really should be renamed. Next time your cat is at the vet with an abscess take note.....

But after:

It became my first circular knitting project, a simple 4 x 4 rib cowl on size 9 needles.

Before blocking
After blocking!

 Finished item in action. Not been worn in rain yet, so cannot comment on how permanent the turmeric is......


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