Do you remember the first time... you blogged?

I (kind of) quote the inimitable Jarvis Cocker of Pulp. This is indeed the first time I have blogged. I flatter myself that I will make more than the tiniest ripple in the Alice-in-Wonderland  rabbit hole that is Blogland. But I love reading other peoples blogs, especially crafty ones, and I have learned so much that I finally felt persuaded by some in my inner circle to blog about some of the things I make and do, love and discover.
So. I love to sew. I learned as a child, and made many a pair of elasticated-waist shorts to go with my Sportsgirl logo t-shirts of the early 90's. But it has only been the last couple of years that I have rediscovered it with a vengeance, and after I was gifted an awesome Husqvarna machine from my generous mother-in-law I was set. 
At the moment I have way too many projects in the pipeline, and way way way too much fabric. I am indeed a fabric tragic, and over the next little while I will post some of my more recent projects, plus plans for future projects. 
In addition to selfish sewing, my other half, M (yep JUST like in James Bond)and I have been working hard on restoring a 1974 Kombi. He is called Sunny Boy, and he is awesome. We hope to have him up and running on the road in the next few weeks, in time for a debut journey to the Riverboat Festival in Echuca. Of course I will be doing the curtains and upholstery..... I'll post some rags to riches pics of Sunny one day....
So thats it for post #1. It wasn't so hard. Now I just have to work out how to add photos....