Sunday, 28 September 2014

Tracing patterns - yes, no, maybe?

Hello lovelies. I do hope you've had or are having a lovely weekend. I'm coming to the end of a sewing drought and hope to have some pretties to share with you in the next week or so. But in the meantime if you're interested in reading my manifesto thoughts on tracing off paper patterns and PDF's pop on over the the Stitch 56 blog and let me know what you think....... Can I convince you? Any suggestions on improving efficiency and technique?

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

My stunt double - a tragic victim of spam

I'm a pretty lo-fi person when it comes to this blog - I make my stuff, I post, I enjoy reading the comments, and thats about it - there's little in the way of stat analysis because yawn.  This is all just for fun for me. Blogger is really good at filtering out spam but every now and then I go in and clear out all the crap-filled garbage that piles up in there, and I started to notice that I had one particular post that was spammed constantly. So I checked out my stats, and noticed that this particular post, written about 18 months ago now had clocked up 24000+ views. Being an old post I was tempted just to delete it because the global care factor would have been well into the negative, but it's actually a really useful one - my DIY paper tape dress form post. So I've deleted the old one, and reposted the content here. Back when I wrote it I don't think even my mum could be bothered reading my blog, so it might be of some interest to newer readers. I use my little papery friend ALL THE TIME, and she has helped me with some many fitting issues. She's also awesome to just dump crap on when I'm too lazy to clean up. So enjoy!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

One week, one pattern - my bread and butter Style Arc Elle trousers

The challenge - to wear a version of the Style Arc Elle pants every day for a week. Lets be real here. With 9 pairs floating around Chez Tragic this was never going to be hard.


Sunday, 7 September 2014

A cool weather wardrobe retrospective.....

Spring has arrived in Melbourne like a lovely warm smoochy cuddle and I couldn't be more delighted. I thought I'd share a mini mid-year roundup of my Autumn/Winter sewing achievements and analyse how successfully these garments have been in my cold-weather wardrobe. I've been rather prolific with my cold weather sewing, and am finding my wardrobe is getting rather full, BUT I have worn a lot of what I have made, and have few regrets with my choices. Sometimes I do question myself on how much I really NEED these clothes and the pace with which I seemed to have churned them out. I certainly would never have purchased this many garments with this much regularity before I discovered my love of garment sewing. But I justify it with the knowledge that many of my earlier makes haven't been super wearable or have been questionable in fabric quality or fit or construction. This year I've been a lot more mindful with my fabric choices, and I figure it's a hobby, and my creative outlet and gives me enormous pleasure. So with those thoughts my choices for Spring and Summer sewing will continue to be mindful and hopefully I will be continue to make things that I love wearing. I've been trying ever so hard to buy fewer print fabrics (well actually trying to buy less fabric altogether), sticking more to solids and basics and it's no surprise that many of these less fancy makes have been the winter workhorses.

So looking back to my cold weather sewing goals/plans here, I've been successful in ticking many off the list, missing out on a few and adding in a few non-scheduled makes.