Thursday, 29 May 2014

Finished - Swinging Sixties Top (aka Burdastyle 9/2012 106)

In addition to my Sound of Music costumes I've been hard at work trying to make this Burdastyle 60's style top something vaguely wearable. I bought the pattern last winter, and ran out of time to make it up. I loved the collar, and the gorgeous little shoulder darts, and thought the curved bust darts added a great vintage detail. 

The pattern asks for a fairly stable knit - something like a sweater-weight knit, or a ponte, without too much stretch. I made my muslin in a lovely jade green french terry I found at  Clear It a few weeks ago. It was fairly lightweight but figured for $5/m and with minimal stretch it would do for a muslin. I was always intending to make the top with a round back neckline, not a V-neck, and wanted to make the collar a little deeper, for a real 60's look. 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Finished - Leisl and Friedrich Von Trapp

This last Saturday night just gone found me sitting in an auditorium of 2000 people, dressed as one of the Von Trapps and singing along to the stupendously fabulous film The Sound of Music, karaoke style. It was truly joyful. 

Yes friends, this weekend was Melbourne's annual Singalong Sound of Music, and I WAS THERE! Not only was I there, I was there in a self made costume, made from a genuine vintage stinky bedspread, channelling Maria's marvellous 'Curtain Playclothes' Collection. For quite a few years now the husband has graciously declined my suggestion that we go together, but our friend Matt was THRILLED to be asked along as my date. He was planning to hire a nun costume and go as the Reverend Mother, but I had other plans altogether. We were going in matching outfits and I was to make them. And make them I did.

We weren't overexcited AT ALL.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Moi Made May 14 - Days 10-20

Crikey I've been rather lazy when it comes to MMM - don't get me wrong, I'm still participating, but oh the tedium of my work outfits! Last time I updated I was up to day 10.....

Day 10 - Forgot to take a photo - work day then jumped straight in the car and drove for 2 hours to visit my parents. Am fairly certain I wore RTW cords and my striped Mandy Boat tee as I remember showing off my Featherweight cardi to mum and being thrilled that it looked so cute with the stripes....

Day 11 - Saturday - Visiting the parents - and the photo shoot for my recent Shar-Pei Elle pants and new favourite black wool dolman (thanks for all the encouraging comments too ladies - I'm still considering trying to rejig them a bit and see what happens. Or not. I have man-flu via the husband and my enthusiasm for a challenge is low).

Monday, 19 May 2014

Finished - the Shar Pei pants

How intriguing! Shar Pei pants! Sadly, this latest make has been a little disappointing. I'd seen this gorgeous stretch brocade at Darn Cheap, in an amazing black and silver lace pattern (which from a distance actually looked a little snake-skin-esque) and immediately saw myself in some awesome Elle pants in this slightly rock'n'roll fabric.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Finished - The Everlasting Spring

Sometimes you happen upon a fabric that is just glorious - there is no other way to describe it! Back when I outlined my autumn/winter sewing plans I mentioned I wanted to make some long sleeved dressy tops to wear out and about this winter, and in particular I was inspired by a beautiful printed silk long sleeve top my stylish bestie had acquired. It was very simple - a raglan long sleeve blouse, loose fitting, made from contrasting digitally printed silk. I decided my version would be made from my newly perfected New Look 6808/Laurel mashup (first successful crossbreeding posted here). Ideally I was after some silk or rayon, but couldn't find anything I was happy with and when I happened upon this extraordinary digitally printed polyester crepe at Darn Cheap my intrinsic synthetic prejudices were turned upside down. 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Cardi inspiration....

One of the most common gaps I've noticed in MMM participants wardrobes (including mine!) is self made cardigans. I'm a huge cardi fan, and I've barely taken my brand spankin' new knitted Featherweight off in the last week.  It's the only self made cardigan in my wardrobe, and the rest are becoming tired and in need of replacing. So I thought I'd do a bit of a roundup of cardigan sewing patterns that appeal to me, because much as I love my Featherweight, taking 4 months to knit another one is a little impractical!!

(all pics from Burdastyle)

Lace Jacket 03/2013

I loved this when it came out, mostly because it is pretty much identical to one of my favourite RTW cardigans in my wardrobe, right down to the bust gathering. I will give this a go, but my concern is how the button band is attached (and the fear of making button holes on knits - anyone got any tips on that one?). If I can master this pattern I'll be very well pleased.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Moi Made May 14 - Week 1

I've been stalking the MMM 14 Flickr group each morning as I have my coffee, and it's pretty unreal. So many talented ladies on there! My first week hasn't been ground breaking, but its been nice to take a little extra time and think what I can wear thats a little different to my every day easy choices. As predicted my work outfits haven't really changed - Elle pants and a self made knit top, except for when the Elle's are in the wash (really need to make a second pair).

I was lazy on Day 1 and 2 (work days) - you'll have to believe me. I wore my Elle pants and a RTW shirt day 1, and the Elle pants and an unblogged grey Renfrew day 2. Yawn!

Day 3 - Saturday - A day of rest. Miserably cold and wet, but I was cozy in my wool ruffled cuff Renfrew, a RTW  long sleeve tee from Witchery, and my copy cat Simplicity 2226. Boots are from Diana Ferrari. I was fairly sure I hadn't worn this combination before. It's a cute skirt, great pockets. The husband liked this outfit. 

Day 4 - Sunday - Another day of rest. Even MORE miserable than the day before. I had zero intentions of leaving the house that day, and so my outfit of choice was Stretchywear. I was spending the day sewing, knitting, eating and doing yoga. My Crazy Cat Lady top (with you in mind Morgan!) and my ponte Elle pants were perfect. Almost. Turns out ponte isn't quite stretchy enough for yoga. Yeah - busted some seams. But its OK - have sewing machine, can mend (did mend). 

Day 5 - Monday - Work - Elle pants and Stripey Mandy Boat neck tee. Comfy, easy. 

Day 6 - Tuesday - my RDO. The debut of my divine Featherweight. Hello my warm cuddly snuggly pretty. RTW polka dot jeans from Country Road, tee from Target. 

Day 7 - Wednesday - Work again. Elle pants again. Featherweight card again because I CAN'T TAKE IT OFF. Stripey tee - much loved RTW from Portmans, but nearly reaching the end of its wearable lifespan after (a) spilling balsamic vinegar on a white stripe (ALWAYS spilling on my white stripes), (b) washing with some green fabric and turning slightly minty, and (c) spilling pasta source over the bosom that night, also on a white stripe. I've got to let it go. 

Day 8 - Thursday - today! Decided to give my sad Tyler shirt a whirl. Hence the pale sad face. I love the fabric so much and my sleeve plackets are so DAMN awesome. But it's too tight across the back and oh how sad that neckline makes me. But under my work jacket it was ok, with RTW olive cords. This shirt really hasn't got much time left. The seams are starting to bust open. It makes me feel like the Hulk. And that's not attractive.

So, if you've made it this far and you're not asleep I'm impressed - it's not too groundbreaking. But I'm looking forward to some nice outfits this weekend - there's a few more excuses for costume changes lined up and a couple of new kids to take out for a spin. Any exciting plans for the weekend for you?

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Finished - the Pinky Featherweight Cardigan!

I've a couple of finished projects this week to post but I was just so excited about this one it's been given top priority..... I've finally finished knitting my first cardigan - the Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig.