Finished - Red cord Beignet skirt - and the Sew Weekly Reunion

Crikey. This Beignet has just about finished me this weekend! I've been chipping away slowly at it over the last few weeks, and was stalling myself on the buttonhole stage. After  reading about the Sew Weekly Reunion Challenge that I decided that it was kick up the bum I needed to finish it. Submissions are due today! So that left me with 4 days to hand hem it, do 12 button holes, sew 12 buttons and sew the belt loops. And I had to work the weekend unexpectedly. And was out Friday and Saturday night. Pressure? Pffft!

The Sew Weekly Reunion Challenge this year was to make an outfit based on the 2013 Pantone Autumn Colours (for the Northern Hemisphere - I'm conveniently ignoring the fact it is the first day of spring!). Because I had literally just finished my deep navy/purple gathered wool top, and was making the red Beignet particularly to wear with this top, and they are 2 of the colours I figured it was meant to be!

All was going well. I smashed through the buttonholes on Thursday, carefully cut them out Friday and finished hand hemming in my lunch break and did half of the belt loops before work. I packed up my buttons and thread to sew in my break on Saturday, and all was going well until I realised (how, HOW?) I only had 11 buttons. Sigh. After work today I whizzed up to Spotlight, grabbed another 12, cut the 11 sewn buttons off and redid the new ones. They are actually nicer, so it's all worked out for the best.

My beloved took some photos for me, (neglecting to tell my I had the droopiest boobs ever - apologies) and after I uploaded them and deleted them off my camera the computer crashed, and I lost them. Sigh. So, another round of photos, and a few surly facial expressions later and it's done!

Source - Colette Patterns

The Beignet really needs no introduction - it's a lovely skirt, and a very involved pattern. This is slow sewing through and through. It is fully lined and faced, with many pattern pieces, but gives you plenty of opportunity to be creative with the shell fabric, lining, facing and buttons.

I had everything for it in my stash, using some lovely pinwale cord that had always been earmarked for a winter skirt, some leftover cotton for the facings, and some leftover stripey rayon for the lining. I'll do another post soon on how I did the buttonholes as that was the real challenge for me with this make.

The Sew Weekly likes a little summary so here we go!

The Facts
Fabric - Red Cotton Cord for shell, floral cotton for facings, striped rayon for lining.
Pattern- Colette Patterns Beignet
Year- not sure! Modern pattern.
Notions - 12 20mm buttons, thread, interfacing, patience. 
Pantone colours - Samba red and Acai purply-blue
Time to complete - approximately 25 hours.
First worn - today for photo shoot
Wear again - goodness I hope so!
Total price - approx $30 AUD


  1. Oh what a beautiful make and just look at the insides! Well done on finishing it under such pressure. I think you'll get heaps and heaps of wear out of this and it looks great with your new top. Personally I love a surly photo - but bad news re crashing computer.

    1. Hi Kirsty, thanks! I said ages ago that I hate sewing under pressure, but it's my own fault! I hope to wear it tomorrow!

  2. I just purchased this pattern! I can't wait to make it! How is the fit? Does it run small?

    1. Hi! Thanks for coming by! The fit is pretty true to size for me - I was a bit rushed yesterday trying to get the post up, so I will do another that has some more technical details to. But I cut a straight 6 - my waist and hip measurements were bang on. If you want to be sure I'd make a quick muslin of ths shel. There's too much work in this to be disappointed at the end!

  3. What a fab job on this skirt. It looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside. Only other sewing enthusiasts will realise the work that has gone into that hot red little number!
    I bet you end up wearing it loads : )


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