MMM Week 1

 I'll be brutally honest here - this wont be a post of high quality content or images! Its been a busy 7 days for me - working over the weekend, faffing about with wedding invitations - I'm afraid my sewing time has been munched up thus a fairly mediocre selection of IPhone photos of my week of outfits follow:

Day 1 - self made Burdastyle long sleeve top - boring nasty material that has not been and will not be blogged about. Ok for work. Scarf also self made. Trousers are olive green disappointing Witchery cords that annoy me each time I wear them as the right leg is cut off grain.....

Day 2 - self made Burdastyle kimono top in linen stripe and pustard-to-mustard self made cowl.  Trousers not sure - maybe some blue cords?

Day 3 - Self made singlet tank rubbed from a RTW tank (test run for same pattern as my Liberty tank),  pink top from Jacqui E, blue cords again. Clearly today was a bit of a sneaking through on a technicality.

Day 4 - Self made kimono top same as day 3, self made scarf. Apologies for early morning Saturday face.

Day 5 - Oooh exciting - something new! My first attempt at Sewaholic's Renfrew - I will do a full post on a batch of Renfrews at a later date but am very pleased (also self made scarf and Jag jeans).

Day 6 - Self made Colette Laurel blouse, Jag Jeans.

Day 7 - A day off! Self made self drafted purple tube skirt - not blogged yet. Why not now? I made this last year pre blog. It was pretty much the first thing I made out of knit fabric and I was very pleased with it. I made a basic pattern using waist, hip and length measurements, then I lopped the top off the pattern and drafted a waistband a little smaller than the size of the skirt, and attached it - I used this tutorial from Christine Johnson patterns. Its a very flattering style and I love this fabric - I was stalking it at my local fabric shop for several months and as the bolt started to get smaller I finally grabbed it. 

It reminds me a bit of the fabrics used by Metalicus. I think its a bit of a nasty synthetic blend..... (also in the scene secondhand wool Cue jumper bought off Ebay)

I'm going to give myself a gold star - my MMM pledge was one MM piece on 50% of work days, and every day I have off - thus far I have worn something every work day (6 in a row!) plus my day off today and only doubled up once. I am warning though, this next week will be a little bit Ground Hog Day.... I need time for more Renfrews and more pants!